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My Sad FIOS Verizon Story

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Old 03-24-2009, 09:42 PM   #1  
What is HD?
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Angry My Sad FIOS Verizon Story

This is my Verizon experience sad but absolutely true, be wary be very wary.

I recently started DayTrading, so my Internet connection is extremely important to me, I also have VOIP so the Internet is integral to both my gainful employment and my safety. After living with Cablevision(Long Island, NY) for the last 15 years I was eagerly awaiting Verizon FIOS making it into my neighborhood. When it did I switched although at the time only Internet was available, this was 6/15/2006 I then upgraded my internet service speed to 20/20 in July 2008. Truth be told I hated Cablevision so much I actually went without cable TV for a year until FIOS TV was offered in my neighbor hood.

That time came to pass in November of 2008, at which point I was moving to a new location, where every room was wired with both Internet and TV, and all consolidated in the garage in a nice little box! I took this opportunity to continue FIOS Internet and start the TV service at the new location keeping the bandwidth at 20/20 at current pricing and also subscribing to the TV Essentials billed as 250+ channels of which I would get premium channels for several months to enjoy. Yippee! I was ecstatic. All for the great price of $116.95 per month total! This was excellent this undercut my Cablevision bill at it's height by $70 per month, for both TV and Internet. I had been a happy Verizon FIOS Internet customer for over a year exceptional customer service nary an issue, automatically billed my account and didn't even get an invoice! Remember this as this is an important detail.

Here where it starts to turn sour, when setting up the new services the person couldn't find the address of the place I was moving too, cause it was new construction and what was previously a two family abode was now 2 two family structures of which one was a new number, with an A and B unit. The catch was that they had no way to add this address into the system as I didn't exist previously and also their system couldn't distinguish between an street number / alpha character unit designation. The solution she said was to get the developers to add it directly and that would take a day to do. No problem weird, I mean I have worked with balky mainframe systems and all that, but in this day and age it seemed weird.

Next day -- which was a Saturday -- I was very impressed that they work on Saturdays the record was apparently added, I then instructed the sales person to keep the service on my old address on till the end of the month with a forward cancel order and the new address would be installed the next week. This would result in carrying a double bill i.e. Old Place = FIOS Internet (Only) 20up / 20down (Price $64 per month) and New place FIOS Internet 20/20 up/down ($64 per month) and TV Essentials (for $42). Well I was all set up no more hitches and then installed. I then began to see the debit hit my checking account for $116.95 which was actually prorated for November service to the new place for the 12-13 days of the month ($137). They had waived the installation fee cause I was an existing customer and I was just moving down the street, so there were no install fees. However, even though I was getting billed I never received an invoice, in fact I didn't even receive one electronically. I of course wasn't worried cause it was Verizon --- nice friendly Verizon.

No problems at all everything is great I'm loving the new place the new FIOS services and trading up a storm. On this particular day 2/5/2009 I am long a stock when I lose all my internet data, but my TV is still on - both FIOS of course which is weird. I'm wigging out cause I am usually only in a trade tops 15 minutes and I was only a couple of minutes into this one and it looked like it might drop so I was prepared to get out of it when all of the sudden I couldn't. I have no phone cause my VOIP is dead as well and where I am cell phone doesn't work too well unless I go to the main floor in my house. I call Verizon and the tech guy said that he couldn't see the ONT online (the box where the fiber comes into the house from the street) so it must have crapped out. They will send a technician over to take a look. 1.5 hours later no techy but the internet comes blazing on. As it turns out I took a hit $900+ bucks wow that really hurt.

When the tech comes, even though everything is working I ask him to check it out and also move the box from the outside of the house to inside the garage. So he moves the box and tries to establish service and gets nothing, no Internet not even TV. He spends hours on the phone, drilling, splicing, finally goes on the line outside (telephone) and changes something and I the Internet is working, but now the set top box just shows hyphens. He is there another 40 mins, before explaining that they had my old premises confused with my new and it was hooked up on the line outside incorrectly and he couldn't believe that everything had worked thus far cause it shouldn't have. The TV was going to come on momentarily as they were going to make adjustments from the home office and he was leaving cause it was 9:30PM and he had been there since 5pm. No problem I thought, I'm in business it's all fixed and better than before!

2 hours later still staring at the STB box which is deader than a doornail well still showing hyphens… call tech service they just say all they can see is the Internet which seems to be working and there is no TV box that they can see so it must be dead. We will send another technician. The second guy comes a different guy and he spends 3 hours trying to figure it out and finally is able to get the channels going but no information, which supposedly comes from the router which he just switched out (this is the 3rd brand new router) and the (3rd STB). He leaves says he will come back tomorrow to troubleshoot and don't worry you will be up and running good as new. Impressed that this guy was coming back on Saturday I cancelled all my appointments and errands and stayed home on Saturday to get my beloved FIOS back. He was a no show… when I called there was no record of an appointment and ominously when I call they keep saying that the only FIOS service I have is Internet! After hearing this I asked what address did they have and they offered my previous address of which the ONT is apparently alive and kicking even though I haven't been there for 3 months and the service was cancelled. When I explained that I was now at another address just a few doors down, they were incredulous and quite adamant that not only was I still living at my previous address, but I was using the internet there. As for the new address and the brightly lit ONT, Router and STB sitting on my TV, they had no explanation as to why it was there.

Sending the 3rd techy, this time they assure me they got the address mixed up figured out and that the real culprit, was not the address in the system, or my installation or the line on the pole, but it was a junction box several blocks over which had been neglected in the switch over and was still pointed to my previous address (even though this should have been off) and once he did this it worked like a charm. I might add this is after switching out yet another router and STB and hours on the phone with HQ.

Finally bliss free nirvana I can now FIOS again with no hesitation! Which I did, for nearly a month. As usual I check my business account and I see a debit for the amount of $116.95 from Verizon faithfully. Then yesterday 3/23/2009 on the biggest Bull market movein the last six months my internet is gone as is my TV, no CNBC essential with the volatility in the markets.

Oh great I thought, maybe some techy ying yang is working on the junction box, I hop in the car try to look for a truck in action, no luck. I wait 20 mins. Just in case it was something that would resolve on it's own. NADA. Fortunately I wasn't in a trade and the market was heading into the lunch period dead air and I had just exited a nice trade and was non-chalant and confident that it would resolve itself quickly. Curiously I checked, my accounting books to make sure the bill was paid and I saw a debit for $77 from Verizon weird as it is usually $116.94-7. Nonplussed I called Verizon tech support and here is where the nightmare begins. I moved a lot and when I lived in another state I signed up for VOIP service and kept my previous state's number for VOIP and my Cell. Unfortunatley when I call Verizon they apparently key off my Telephone number and route me to the call center in the state where my number is but not where I reside, they then after wating 30 mins. Give me a number for the state in which I reside but recognizes my number as out of state and says that this key Verizon number for my state has a message informing me that this is a non-working number. So I have several tries before I can explain my predicament to a live rep and then switch me to the right place internally. If you think this is just me, it happens with a lot of people with VOIP as you can have virtual numbers. I then get a reasonable techy on the 3rd try (Count 35 minutes of solid effort)who prudently gets someone from accounts on the phone who then proceeds to inform me that my account has been deactivated, but they don't have a valid reason why cause while I owe the balance of March (I guess the difference between $77 and $116 it isn't enough to deactivate the service). In addition apparently there is still some confusion between my old premises and my new premises. Her remedy, is to delete everything and re-add as though a new account and she proceeds to take my personal information including credit card over the phone cause apparently their system deletes the number except for the last four digits, although somehow it still manages to keep my number straight to bill me every month… never mind ok. She tells me not to worry that she will have it all straightened out and that with the equipment in place they won't need a technician to come over they will fix all from the home office. I wait until 2:15pm still no FIOS so I decide to give up on trading for the day and take my daughter to her ballet class in the city.

No sooner than I am on the train than I get a call from a technician who says that she is there to setup the FIOS. I asked why I thought you guys didn't need an onsite visit and that I talked to so and so at the head office and based on that information I was heading into the city. She then proceeded to tell me that she will just check the box anyway just to see if it was on, and I said she couldn't cause it was inside the garage. She then proceeded to argue with me that it was on the outside of the house and it was working fine. I then asked her what address she was at and she said my old address (where by the way no one lives). She then basically said that she did her part and good luck getting someone to take a look at it tomorrow if the Verizon head office doesn't come through.

Now irate and scared that another day of trading is likely no to happen I 5 mins later get a call on my phone this time the person says that they do not see my account anywhere and they need to have all this information name, address, and then SS# and her next question is I suspect, my credit card information and I balked. I was worried that yet another person was calling me for the same info, so I told her to contact the other woman and her supervisor and figure it out between themselves and that if it wasn't fixed by the AM next morning I was going to call the dreaded Cablevision. When I got home that evening the internet was one and working, but when I did a speed test I smelled a rat… Sure enough when I called they had set me up for 20up /5down instead of 20/20 and the TV setup was not as it was before either. When I asked to change it the tech guy couldn't even though it was obvious to him the work order was correct and showed the correct instructions, but somehow they had been setup incorrectly. He said call back when the account /sales office is open and it is a quick fix.

The next day was a rough day in the market and I worked till the bitter end… at 4:30 I called the sales/account desk to straighten out the rest of the account the woman apologizes for the confusion and seems perplexed at the billing rates of which she can plainly see were debited from my account, so she says that she needs to put me on hold and she will get back to me. No joke I am on hold for 50 mins. I then try to keep that line on and try to conference in another Verizon service call, just in case but get thwarted because my second line is an out of state number and the recording informing me that I need a special access code, i.e. I am calling from a number resembling another state. I then have to abandon the existing call and try again which I do. In which the techy cannot pull up my account and then informs me that I have been deactivated cause I owe $801 on my account. Which is crap! Verizon may have great technology but their operations support and systems architecture must be from the dark ages, what's worse I really got the sense that while they have this great technology it is very balky and tempermental and a bitch to service and maintain.

So I called dreaded Cablevision, and they are giving me 10up / 30 down plus TV and 250+ Channels for the monthly price of $89! And they are setting me up on Thursday afternoon! Boy am I relieved. I will miss the service, but I'd rather take a small hit on performance than a small hit on reliability. In any case, I am now long on Cablevision and Short on Verizon.

BTW, I surprised when I googled verizon sucks at how many instances came up. Just in case you were wondering w.verizonsucks.c_m brings you to verizon's home page!
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I started to read this and then I looked at how long it is!!!

Do you have an abridged version somewhere that you can post instead???
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Old 03-25-2009, 12:39 AM   #3  
My plasma is High Def.
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Nobody will read a 2620 word (word counter) forum post, no mater how sad the story is.
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Old 03-25-2009, 12:59 AM   #4  
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Yea, that was tough to read... neverending story. I can assure you most FiOS customers are fully satisfied. Where you went wrong.. and Verizon, is that you moved a few doors away on the same street. This created a nightmare in their records and systems.. and I can also assure you, the cable co. industry is NOT immune to these sort of things.

Oh by the way, Verizon is not responsible for what you do with your internet... You can claim a million dollars in lost trades... but if the net went down stopping you from making a bad deal, youd have no complaints then , huh ? LOL . Sounds like its all you do is trade stocks for a living.. if it really is that important, and detrimental to your life, have a backup internet provider.

Good luck and enjoy your new inferior service !

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Old 03-25-2009, 07:03 AM   #5  
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sounds typical of almost any telecom company brosif.... they lack communications within themselves.
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Old 03-25-2009, 07:06 AM   #6  
High Definition is the definition of life.

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Not me. When I ordered Fios they were out 1-2 days later with two guys and the install went super fast and smooth.
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Huh?..... Sorry, fell asleep about 1/3 of the way through the story. If I had any sympathy for you at the beginning of the story, I lost it by the 3rd paragraph. Oh, BTW, I didn't have any sympathy for you in the first place.
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Old 03-25-2009, 12:02 PM   #8  
High Definition is the definition of life.

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I agree with you that it is a bit ridiculous that it was taking so long for Verizon to sort it out, but I think this was a way way way out of character case. The first thing that comes to mind for me is that you are working in a job that you could lose 100's of dollars per minute if your internet goes out of service and you seem to have no back up plan at all. How about a laptop with a separate card installed? Blackberry type cell phone where you can link to the internet? At least Wifi on a laptop where you can run down to the closest hotspot? That $900. hit was avoidable. I am not saying not inconvenient, but avoidable. I would bet a months bill that cablevision's internet service goes out at least 3 times as often as a properly installed Verizon internet service. My Verizon internet averages going out 1 time a year for less then 30 mins. My comcast internet used to average that a month. My TV service has never ever gone out.

This situation is simply a matter of getting your billing address completely straightened out, which will probably take going a few levels up on the supervisor scale to talk to someone who can make sure this thing gets fixed once and for all. I am even betting you could explain the whole situation to the proper level supervisor and get credited back all you paid since the start of the problem.

Another mistake you made is not getting a paper bill. Verizon is famous for screwing up billing. It is a known problem and one most have found a way to live with. That is why the paper bill is essential. When I first started Verizon, they were charging my credit card monthly, and I was not getting any paper bill or receipt in the mail. When I called they claimed they could not send any paper if I was paying by credit card, so I switched to them just sending the bill and I would pay another way. Problem solved.

Sorry about all your trouble, but I gotta think you are the rare exception and not the rule, and you will NOT be happier with the inferior cablevision product then you would have been sticking out Verizon until you worked through the issues.
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Default A cascading problem

A very long read. I think your situation is atypical. As happens in most situations that go bad, there were many factors leading to the problem. None by itself is enough to create a real problem, but taken together, they create a nightmare like yours.
1) You already had a fios product. 2) You were moving and needed both to work at the same time. 3) You have a phone number from out of area. 4) You moved to a new address, not in the system. 5) You have a business completely dependent upon the service. Whenever I move, I always start a new service to prevent the mistaken address problem. Customer service departments can never get it straightened out unless you have two completely separate accounts.

The one positive thing that I take out of the story is that the Verizon people that came to your house really tried hard to solve the problem and spared no expense to do so. (multiple router and stb changes) They also stayed at your house until 9:30pm. That is quality service. I know that at my install, the technician was there from 9:30-5:45p and I practically had to throw him out. He crawled all over the house, found the "center channel" in the house that I didn't even know existed and hid all wires. Cablevision will simply poke holes through the house and staple wires to the walls. My FIOS install is seamless.

Regarding the billing issue and charge of $801, I am an atty on long island and if they sue you, give me a shout and I'll defend you for free. Just make sure not to ignore the lawsuit papers. Then next thing you know, they'll have a judgment against you.
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Heck, even the last two posts were too long!
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Default Fios

That'll teach you for day trading!!
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High Definition is the definition of life.

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I feel bad for the fios techs and customer service reps that had to listen to that. I fell asleep half way through. Also, I had difficult following the story. I guess I just wasn't interested enough. I tried...honest.
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I once knew someone who communictated with me like that all the time.

We're divorced now.
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Old 03-26-2009, 12:40 PM   #14  
What is HD?
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Well I appreciate the folks that did take the time to read my excruciatingly lengthy post, it was just as painful to write it. Personally, I think there is a reason why Verizon doesn't offer VOIP on FIOS and that it's technology isn't burned in enough yet so I would be very careful if you are relying on FIOS for VOIP service as you could find yourself SOL. Even if you have your ONT and other on a UPS. Watching movies is one thing family safety is quite another.
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Old 03-26-2009, 02:01 PM   #15  
What is HD?
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Ok now this is rich! Verizon, had to delete both my addresses and readd one as a result I received this in the mail today a bill for $1,989.99 for all the equipment their technicians apparantely switched out but never reinventoried (or at least that is my guess) As I have just had from the get go one router and STB.

Cable Card $100
Digital Converter $175
Standard Definition Receiver $240
High Definition Receiver $350
Standard Definition DVR $475
High Definition DVR - $550
Router $99.99

First off I never even had two tv's or a DVR, second as far as I know I haven't cancelled my service yet!

Although the Cablevision guys just hooked me up and I am blazing away on my $29.99 30/10 crappy internet connection! Definately beats 20/20 for $69!
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