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AVR and speakers in condo (TV and Music)

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Default AVR and speakers in condo (TV and Music)

Hi All,

I just purchased an industrial panasonic plasma and want to set up a new home theater. I also plan on listening to music. While I currently live in a condo, I plan to move in a couple of years. Currently, my room is 10 by 20 with an open kitchen/door on one end and the TV and glass sliding door on the other end next to the couch (which sits against the wall across from the TV). I can spend up to $1,500 for the AVR and speakers. I was leaning towards a Harmon Kardon 435 or maybe even the 635, but was unsure of the speaker set up to go with, or if the 435 or 635 is overkill (keeping in mind that I plan to move in a few years) I also would like to get wall mount speakers (klipsch slx? although best price i found was $314 each and I haven't seen reviews; or is Audio Orb or the like the way to go??) but think this might be overkill for now. I only have about 1 foot between the couch and the side glass wall, so I'm unsure whether to go with a 5.1 dipole or bipole set up on the wall for the rear surround? I know I have a lot of questions in this one post, but any insight would be appreciated

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I'd take a look at these Atlantic Technology speakers:
2200 LR Left/Right Front speakers -- $ 495.00/pr.
2200 C Center channel speaker ---- $ 400.00/ea.
2200 SR Surround speakers --------- $ 390.00/pr.
422 SBSubwoofer ---------------- $ 650.00/ea
Totals out at about $2K. See: http://www.atlantictechnology.com/system_2200.htm

These are list prices and possibly could be beat some. The surround speakers can be switched between Dipole and Bipole operation .

If that is too rich for you, try:
1200 LR Left/Right/Center/Surround Speaker -- $ 132.00/ea x 5 = $ 660.00
212 SB Subwoofer ---------------------------- $ 440.00/ea x 1 =$ 440.00
Total of $ 1100.00 See: http://www.atlantictechnology.com/system_1200.htm

Good Reading: http://www.atlantictechnology.com/ma...0%20Manual.pdf

With the H/K 435 (65watt x 7 for 7.1) at $999 list and the 635 (75watt x 7 for 7.1) at $ 1,299 list I'd think you would be better off with a Sherwood receiver. The RD-8601(100watt x 6 for 6.1) is at $ 399.00 list. I tend to recommend spending more for speakers than the receiver.

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You might also want to consider Yamaha receivers. Their newer RX-V receivers are all great (550, 1500, 2500) and I think that you get more "bang for the buck" with them then the Denon and HK receivers.

I also recommend Aperion Audio speakers. Again, this goes back to "bang for the buck". I have a 5.1 system of theirs with 532's up front, VAC center, 422's for surrounds, and an S8-APR sub. Their speakers sound incredible.
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Several receivers such as Yamaha have microphones to balance sound in your room. I suggest you look for receivers like this. Yamaha offers it in its lower priced receivers.

Speakers here:

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