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Need help using bass shakers in flight sim

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What is HD?
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Default Need help using bass shakers in flight sim

I use bass shakers in addition to my subwoofer. The shakers have their own amp but connect to the pc through the center/sub channel. My audio card is Auzen X-Fi Forte 7.1, which has the normal channels same as
other cards.

My problem is mainly with flying sim program FB IL-2. The shakers work great but only when you are looking in the forward position and about 40 degrees spread in that area. When you look away vibration of the aircraft leaves you, you do not lose the sound but you do lose the feeling you should be getting from the shakers, pretty much 360 degrees.

I am sure it is because the shakers are tied in through the center/sub channel. I tried have many ways but cannot figure how to route the shakers so I can have the vibration of the engine 360 deg.

There may not be a way that this can be done but appreciate any suggestions.

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What is HD?

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Dale is probably long gone by now.
But just in case it helps someone else....

I too have a nice flight sim that I use for training, complete with audio and shakers.

Try a "y" cable from your speakers out. (usually the green).

One branch of the y cable goes to my 5.1 surround speaker system where I get killer engine and environmental sounds.

The second branch of the y cable I sent to the shaker amp where all the vibrations take place.

They match and I have had no problem with sound loss when changing views. I agree, that would be a very annoying problem to have.

Also, I have a pair of aviation headset and intercom. It just so happens that I am using two hdmi 55" monitors for my forward view. I took the audio feed (via hdmi) on one of the monitors, came out of the headset monitor out port and fed it to the headset intercom input. Set the VLC player on the computer to play on the hdmi monitor audio. Now using VLC player I can play pre-recored ATC traffic through my headset, and you can hear the sound of the engines roaring out in front as the whole plane vibrates, while talking quietly with your co-pilot (if you have one).

All in all, it is an experience very close to the real plane. The shakers and surround make a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE in the feel.

Another alternative, if you don't mind mixing it up a bit:

I have a very nice German audio sound mixer.
Run all flavors into one and mix as desired.

For me the y cable was the easiest, and I get to keep my mixer for studio work.

Hope this helps.
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to Need help using bass shakers in flight sim
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