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does having speakers on top of tv hurt sound output?

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Old 10-22-2007, 10:12 PM   #1  
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Default does having speakers on top of tv hurt sound output?

Wassup fellas! I have just a modest sony home theater in a box set-up, which is okay by me(primarily cause i'm NOT an audiophile and i have respect for my neighbors!) But, i have the front 3 speakers balanced on top of my samsung 50 incher. The rears are drilled into the wall behind me. Everything sounds fine actually, I just want to know if this hurts the sound output in any way..or possibly even the tv itself? Thanx......
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Since your three front speakers are ALL on top of your TV I'm betting that you're not getting the "full breadth" of sound that you should be. I mean that since the three speakers are so close the sound of all three is probably mixed together and not filling your viewing/listening area as it should.
I would recommend going to your local WalMart and buying the Atlantic speaker stands that they sell for $30. They're cheap, well built, look great, and they allow you to place your speakers along side of your TV and at ear level for optimal sound. (And the speakewr wires actually run up thru he posts so they are very sleek.)

A cheap fix that will greatly improve your sound.

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And also, if your speakers are not shielded, which many are not, they could be or are affecting the picture. Optimally you want at least 4' between the right and left front channel. You can set the center channel in front of the TV just beneath the screen and if this is not possible they do make a mount for the top of the tv. If you go that route, make sure to angle the speaker so it aims at the listener sitting directly in front of the TV.
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Old 11-02-2007, 02:44 PM   #4  
Ever Eddy
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I agree that placing the L & R speakers to the sides is optimal. Would think that a 50" Samsung is probably a LCD, Plasma, or a Chip based RPT, none of which would need shielded speakers. A RPTV based on CRT's like my Panasonic TAU would be at jeopardy from unshielded speakers but don't see why a LCD or Plasma would be harmed by a small magnetic field (small speakers).

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to does having speakers on top of tv hurt sound output?
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