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Speaker Problem? Help!

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Old 08-16-2007, 03:29 AM   #1  
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Default Speaker Problem? Help!

I have run into a problem with my sound system. I have 6 speakers, only 4 of which I like to use while watching TV or movies. I like to use the other 2, in addition to the 4 I use for TV viewing, for listening to music. Is there anyway I can switch between 4 speakers and 6 speakers besides manually disconnecting and reconnecting the speaker wire to and from the receiver? I have searched around and found this possible solution;


would this work? And would I be able to select more than one pair of speakers at a time?
Thanks in advance, Bryan
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It may work for you but there will be NO surround sound as this switch has only 2 inputs (stereo).
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You don't say which receiver you are using. Most have a speaker set up in the menu area where you tell it how many speakers you have and which they are. So if you turn off the center for example, all that sound goes to the fronts, etc. If you just pull plugs it seems you'll lose elements of the sound, not just the speaker.

Check the instructions for your receiver and see what they recommend.
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Not to answer your question with more questions, but how is your speakers setup? Is it a basic 5.1 setup (2 fronts 2 rears 1 center/sub)? And do you have your DVD/CD player connected with a digital cable? If so, you can just let your Digital Decoder do the work for you. During movies, my receiver will decode it as DD 5.1 or Dolby True HD, or DTS. Or I can manualy choose. For CD's or music on my hard drive, it will default to Dolby Prologic or 2 channel. So just the front 2 speakers and sub produce sound. I can manually change it to all 5 if I wanted, but I also preffer only the 2 fronts. Check you manual.
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