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Stangbum 11-29-2006 08:25 AM

A Newb needing lots of help....
Just bought the KDS60A2000 SXRD HDTV and I am needing to upgrade my surround system.:yippee:
My current setup is ....an Xbox360 w/the HD DVD player, Direct TV, Dish Network (don't ask). ;)
I will be upgrading the Direct TV box to HD as soon as our locals are there. (hopefully by the end of the year, or so the DTV rep says:rolleyes: ) I live in Asheville, NC.
Currently all of these run into an Xbox 360 A/V selector and then to my old surround sound receiver, and from there to a Trinitron TV.
My first question is...will I need the A/V selector still?( It has component video RCA and S-Video inputs & output jack connections and 2 optical inputs and 1 optical output) :confused:
Second I will need to buy the surround sound system from BestBuy (long story:( ), about $400 - $500 is max I will be able to spend. what would you suggest?:)
Thanks in advance for the help !!!!!

Bigloww 11-29-2006 10:49 AM

BB only ha. Too Bosey over there for me. Your TV has a ton of video inputs and your new SS system should too. But it will be hard to find a HTIB with HDMI for under $500. You probably can get rid of that selector if you want to due to all the new in/output on your new setip.. If you want to hold off and save up for 1 with HDMI, that is fine, but not totaly necessary. Since BB doesn't offer Onkyo or HK, I would recommend Yamaha or Denon. Here is a pretty good SS system for around $400. There web site sucks and they offer much more in the store than on the web, so stick with those 2 and chose the best. Most have at least 3 digital (optical/coax) inputs, component and s-video/composite inputs as well.

Stangbum 11-29-2006 12:21 PM

You have been very helpful.......
That looks like a nice system for what I need, thanks Bigloww:bowdown: ( did not see that one):o
But just one more question and it may be to much to ask of your time, :o but here goes.....
With what I have told you I have and if I buy the Yamaha SS system , what would be the best way to wire this system
and I will buy the wire that I might need or you suggest:thumbsup:

Bigloww 11-29-2006 12:33 PM

By wire I assume you mean speaker wire. Most HTIB's comes with speaker wire in the box. This is usually thin, low grade wire. But it is easy to hide. If you plan on cranking up your SS system from time to time (and I'm sure you are), I recommend uprading your speaker wire. I went with 16 guage speaker wire. You can get a spool for realtivly cheap and is well worth it IMO. I used the AR spool I got from CC I think. BB sells a AR 50' spool for around $25. You can find it a bit cheaper online.


Stangbum 11-29-2006 12:49 PM

thanks again....
thanks Biglow, :yippee:
My TV will be here Thur. :yippee: (got to build the cabinet for it tonight):) so I am going to BB after that to pick up a SS system:yippee: , you have been very helpful.:thumbsup:
I will let you know how I do with it !!!! :cool:

Stangbum 12-06-2006 08:07 AM

Finally got every thing hooked up:) .......The Yamaha system sounds great.:D the TV looks great.:D (The XBOX360 is awsome:D ) Now just waiting on the DTV DVR.:(
Now I will start replacing the cables and speaker wire to a better grade. Bought some HD DVD movies last weekend they look and sound great....I guess you can see that I am excited !!!:yippee: Its like being at the movies.:bowdown:
Again, thanks for all the help:thumbsup:
PS: Is Pirates of the Caribean coming out in HD ?

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