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How to fix home surround sound setup

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Default How to fix home surround sound setup

When I bought my house, it came with a wired Bose 5.1 surround sound system builtin to the walls. The speakers were mounted on the walls in the corners of the room. The speaker wires were then just coming up out of the carpet. The speaker wires are fairly short limiting me where I can place the subwoofer (?). One of the wires is extremely short and I have trouble even plugging it in... When I did plug it in though, the speaker seems to not even work!

We have lived in the house for a couple of years now and I have just dealt with that one speaker not working properly and just do not plug it in. But, a couple of days ago, one of my other speakers is now just outputting a lot of annoying static. I have not looked into it yet, but this has renewed my interest in replacing the system, but I am not sure how to go about doing this. I really do not like the setup with all the wires and such. I just wish I could have a setup that wasnt so restrictive with all the wires... The back of my entertainment system is just a mess with how many wires there are! Its hard to manage and the speaker wires take up a decent amount of that clutter.

Anyways... I was looking into wireless speakers. I heard that there are some new wireless standards out by WiSA that greatly increase the quality of wireless speakers. I had seen a setup by kilpsch that uses this new standard, but they seem to be on the ground speakers. As in, I cannot attach them to the wall like my current ones are...

Does anyone have any thoughts on this new standard and if it is possible in 2018 to get a truly wireless setup with good quality sound that supports atmos where I could literally just place them in the same place as my current bose 5.1 speakers are? If not, what would be the best way to upgrade my current setup since all the speaker wires are already installed in the walls?
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Just replace the speakers with the same size and type, as to the wires being too short a simple crimp connector will solve that.

Just crimp some longer wire's to the old one's and your done.(use the same gauge wire on all)

As to wireless speakers, you would need to run some sort of power to them, this would be very hard to do when they are wall mounted, and the current wiring is in the walls.

Here is a video to help out with extending the wires.

Also not plugging in the none working channel could damage your stereo, that should be fixed up right away.

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First thing to do to improve your sound is dump the Bose system; it probably does not support Dolby Atmos anyway. You could perhaps reuse the speakers. For the Atmos you will need at least 8 speakers and a receiver that supports Dolby Atmos. I up dated my system a few weeks ago-- it is well worth the effort and coins!! The Height speakers make a significant difference.

I used to have a Bose system-- The Onkyo system (HT) that replaced it for 1/2 the cost was much better. The Onkyo was replaced with a Denon Receiver and Polk speakers to enable Dolby Atmos. The Dolby Vision and Atmos are excellent- but you need the right components to make it work. And then there is not a tremendous amount of content-- but enough that you soon start to feel that the regular surround sound on TV & Movies is just a bit "flat". I have not really felt there was much improvement for just music.

I know of no wireless sound system that will do what you need for Dolby Atmos-- while the digital sound "data" can be transmitted wirelessly, you need, as Terry stated, electrical POWER to drive the speakers-- or some great batteries and chargers. What a pain that would be keeping all those batteries charged.

What will be your sound signal source for Atmos? Streaming device, TV, 4K Blu Ray player that supports ATMOS, or other?
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