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Mixing Impedance

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Default Mixing Impedance

I have 4 ohm mains (SF Venere S), 6 ohm center and rears (other SF in same line) and looking at 8 ohm ceiling speakers.

Looking at a 7-channel amp that allows you to set at either 4 ohm or 8 ohm (for all speakers).

Which do I set it at - 4 or 8 - and what are the effects of doing so?
i.e. -
- What can I damage (amp / speakers)?
- What am I missing - e.g. if I run the amp at 8 and the speakers are rated at 4, am I not driving them to their full potential thereby missing some sound quality?
- Am I significantly better off running multiple amps with an amp dedicated to the mains and another for all else?

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Most solid state amps and receivers will work fine with either 4 or 8 ohm loads without problems like the older tube equipment had, so not to worry.

You should have a "test" capability that will allow you to balance the speaker outputs to equal volume which will take care of any sensitivity differences between speakers. It puts a noise in each speaker one after the other then you can use the level controls to achieve balance.
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what he said
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