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Help me choose!

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Default Help me choose!

Hello all. I'm new to the forums here, and was looking for any opinions preferably from experience, with choosing between two speaker systems for my surround sound. Currently I have a Sony 7.2 receiver 145w/channel receiver that I just got. Its the one on amazon for 219.00 Its hooked up to my 10yr old sony 5.1 speakers and subwoofer which was a walmart pre-boxed surround set up that cost about 250.00 at the time, and has been pretty good for the money.

That being said i'm in a place to get something a little more substantial, and having needed a new receiver since the old one crapped out I thought perhaps new speakers/sub as well.

I'm not particular to sony, though you'll see everything i have for the set up is. I got a pair of the sony SB-1000 bookshelf speakers as an impulse buy, and have been impressed with them. So i was thinking about getting a pair of the FFS-5000 floor speakers to use as my fronts, and use the 1000'd as my rears. Center channel undetermined at this time. Reviews on both of the above speakers seem great.

Then I came across the pioneer andrew jones speakers, SLB22lr or something like that. For some unknown reason i have this stereotype that pioneer is crappy, but i honestly can't think why? haha. The reviews on the full set up with the pioneer center and floor speakers are excellent. They are slightly more money, but not by much. (side note I do think the sony's look better, which is SUPER important) <---sarcasm...

Is it true that you should stick to same brand/line of speakers for your surround set up for best sound?

Just wondering if anyone has experience with these speakers and input on which to choose. I'd be open to other suggestions as long as they're reasonable.

PS side note...the sub i'm pretty much set on is the polk pw-505 12" on amazon for 200-250 The pioneer andrew jones sub is well reviewed, but from what Ive read it seems bigger is better for subs used for movie viewing.

Anyways thanks for any input you may have!
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