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Measuring ohms?

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Old 02-10-2015, 02:32 PM   #1  
How can anyone watch standard def?
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Default Measuring ohms?

I called so nance today for tech support. He said using my 6 ohm ceiling speakers with an 8 ohm receiver should be ok since I have enough watts. And if I gave good ventilation.

But he said 1 might be bad and that is causing my receiver to shutdown and need resetting. I have to test the ohms of my speakers with my volt meter and and see if one is way below like 1 or 2 ohms so I know it's bad and must be replaced.

But the ceiling is tight and I can't reach in to test the speaker. He said I don't have to go inside the ceiling to test. But all websites say disconnect the wires and then test.

Is there a way like with banana plugs and wires in tact to test without disconnecting the wires or reaching into my ceiling with a ladder?
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How can anyone watch standard def?
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Thanks I finally figured it out. I put the terminals in the holes in the back of the bananas ans tested. Even removing the wires and testing works thanks.

Now the next dilemma. The back ones measured about 4.5 ohms or so. With the banana in one measured 5.5 or 6. Very strange but at the other end of the wire going into the wall plate both measured about 4.5 or so. So a little off here and there not to bad.

But the front ones one of them measured nothing. Meter stayed at "1.". Did not jump at all. And the front one nothing sometimes and other times jumps all over the place from 2 to 3 to 1 to 5. Jumping too much.

So either the wiring is bad. Or the speakers are bad. Next project will be moving the back one to the front and see what happens. Or just replace all 4.

Or just sell it all and use a simple sound bar. This is getting too complicated.

And the energy speakers I have on the side are about 4.5 ohms also. But the center speaker on top of the tv is 7.8ohms. Almost 8 ohms which the online documentation says. But the side speakers are also from the same energy e-xl series. Sides are 25 and center is C model. And all is 8 ohms it says online.


Page 22 says my two e-xl-25 and one e-xl-c are all 8 ohms. So strange the sides are only measuring 4.5 ohms and the center is so close to 8 ohms.

And 4.5 should burn out my denon avr 3600. But the sides and center only and nothing else attached works. Watched all of hollow man 2 bluray and no problem. No protect mode on receiver.

I took pictures of my stuff if you want to see.

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You are measuring the DC resistance of the coils in the speakers not the AC inductance what would be 8 ohms if you had the right equipment to do so.

Your measurements on the speakers that have a reading look OK for the DC side, they will read a few ohms lower the what is marked, but the ones reading nothing or jumping all over are a problem.

If you didn't have a connection you would get a reading in the meg-ohms (millions of ohms) but getting one jumping around could indicate that there is a crossover in-place before the speakers, this crossover may have some capacitors in-line, this may be why your not reading anything.

This is why most are measured with the leads disconnected at the speakers input terminals.

A reading of 1 ohm or less could indicate a DC short, this is a problem.

The size of speaker wire used to go from the stereo to the speaker will also affect the readings, if your are measuring from the end by the stereo on the wire it's self you can add a few ohms or less (with small gauge wire used) to the readings.

An 8 ohm speaker measured in the DC mode will read about 1.5 to 2 ohms less.

The center channel speaker may have several speakers inside, all adding to the readings, you also may be reading across the internal crossover.

Remember that speakers work in the AC mode, you would need a special AC inductance meter to get the correct ohm readings.
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