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Need a sound system for a Hair Salon

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What is HD?
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Default Need a sound system for a Hair Salon

Hello all,

I am looking to set up a sound system in a hair salon. Its pretty loud in there, blow dryers, vacuums, chitter chatter etc... I would like it to be wireless and preferably blue tooth as we will be using ipod, ipad as the music players. Budget anywhere from $300-$600US

Thank You
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My plasma is High Def.

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Hello Friend.
I hope it's Best for you.

This system comes with seven speakers, including a designated center speaker.

The subwoofer has a passive radiator design, so it doesnít have an amplifier.

The Verdict: 9.83/10The Onkyo HT-S5500 speaker set delivers the best surround sound for all your movies, games and music needs.

This surround sound speaker system is the only one we reviewed that captures the full human hearing range. In fact, while the minimum frequency is spot on at the lower end of human hearing at 20Hz, its maximum range is 50kHz, so it is capable of picking up sounds that are higher than what a healthy person can hear with the naked ear. Every sound effect will be caught with this system, so your movie will sound full without any hint of something missing.

The HT-S5500 also has the best crossover range. This means each sound will be perfectly spliced between each speaker, and the best of each sound will be projected by the correct speaker. Since this system is THX certified, you can feel confident that youíre hearing each special effect exactly the way the movie director wanted it to be heard. You wonít miss anything with this surround sound speaker system.

Features & Design:

Click to Enlarge
One of the greatest features of the Onkyo HT-S5500 is that it is compatible with just about every game console, so you can have 3D sound while playing Halo 4 on the Xbox or Last of Us on the PlayStation. And if you want to play some cool music during your next party, the HT-S5500 system lets you plug your iPod right into it, so you can enjoy your playlist in any part of the room. This system is also programed to work with 3D movie systems.

The fact that the Onkyo comes with seven speakers easily makes it one of the best speakers for a home theater. You will not miss anything in your movie since, with so many speakers positioned around your room, you will not notice any gaps in sound. The sound will easily make you feel as though you are right there in the middle of the action. This system has a designated center speaker for the best voice projection. It also has two tower speakers that you can position on either side of the television screen to help with great crossover sound.

Each speaker is magnetically shielded, so none of your other electronic devices will be adversely affected. Your television picture wonít be distorted and the laptop you are using to web surf during the show wonít be affected either. This means you can position the speakers as close to your home theater as you want. The speakers are also wall mountable, so you can put them in the best locations throughout your theater.

The subwoofer has a passive radiator design, so it doesnít have an amplifier. It still will produce amazing bass tones. It will also act as a shaker, so you will literally feel each blast of thunder. You can purchase an amplifier if you want; however, with seven speakers, including a dedicated center channel, you will have plenty of powerful sound throughout your room.

The speaker cones are made from a sturdy polyethylene. This is a standard material found in some of the best surround system speakers. They will produce sound that is amazing, even in rooms with hardwood floors that tend to bounce sound around and distort it a bit. This also means these speakers will last many years with proper care.

Help & Support:

Click to Enlarge
Onkyo has amazing customer service personnel who are very knowledgeable and ready to help you with any problem, whether itís minor or earth shattering. Telephone support is always available from Onkyo directly or through one of its scores of distributors and service centers. You can get answers to your troubleshooting questions quickly through email. The FAQs section on the Onkyo website is very helpful as well. Onkyo also has a Facebook page where you can get additional help and tips for setting up your surround sound.

The HT-S5500 comes with a warranty, but it is only two years, significantly less than the industry standard of five years. The speakers are well built and should last for many years. With proper placement and care, these speakers could easily last up to fifteen years.

You wonít find a home theater speaker system that is more versatile and with more amazing sound quality than the Onkyo HT-S5500. With seven speakers, including a couple of towers and a center speaker, you will get optimal surround sound in every corner of your room, and it wonít be limited to movies. The HT-S5500 will project amazing sound for your games and music, and itís is even compatible with 3D movie systems. This system is hands down the best home theater speaker system we reviewed.
For more details..

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Please do not cut&paste articles (plagiarism) and liability issues.
If you authored this article then that's no prob, but if your pasting from another source...that's a no no.You can cut&paste a paragraph or so, and then LINK to the source article.
Thx Rizz'
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