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Surround sound system for my bedroom: Need advice

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Default Surround sound system for my bedroom: Need advice

Hey all!
I'm looking for a way to achieve surround sound in my apartment's bedroom. I won't be using this for video games, but rather for music. I like to listen to music while I study, and I'm not a fan of headphones. Laptop speakers are good, but I'd like the music to surround me, rather than emanate from speakers right in front of me. And I also like to listen to white noise while I sleep; usually rain or something similar, and I feel like it'd be so much more pleasant having it come from speakers surrounding me.

I'd like to be able to connect this system in some way to my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook.

My budget is up to $500. I'm an utter noob, I have no idea what is required other than speakers. I don't even know what I would connect the speakers to! Haha. I don't need super high quality stuff, but just something that will get the job done nicely.

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If for a bedroom I assume you are looking for small speakers.

Here are a couple nice, inexpensive 5.1 systems that should fit your needs and then some. If you have a TV in your bedroom, they will also serve nicely for movies as well.. Both are under $350. They are factory refurbished units but come with a FULL 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. I have purchased a few items from here in the past and they are great for Onkyo, Marantz and Denon.. The Denon comes with an Ipod dock and the Onkyo has a Ipod dock for Ipod/Iphone and direct USB connection for Ipad.. The Onkyo is also a network receiver so you have internet radio capability and others like Last FM and Pandora. They come with everything you need including speaker wire and calibration mic. You may want to upgrade to thicker speaker wire (16 awg), but for an apartment bedroom setup, it is probably not a biggie since I doubt your runs will be long or you intend to crank it up much.



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