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General audio question

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Old 10-05-2005, 11:08 AM   #1  
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Unhappy General audio question

I have a High Def Panasonic rear projection LCD TV. When I am watching movies/TV shows (5.1 surround or non 5.1 surround) I have to turn the volume up relatively high to hear soft talking but am then bothered by subsequent scenes that contain loud background music or loud voices. I also notice that different channels have very different volume levels. My old RCA TV has a sound logic system that helps with this problem. Is there a home theater system that has a feature similar to the sound logic feature on my old TV?

Thanks for any help.
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When shopping for an pre/pro processor and amp or an integrated receiver, look for one with a dynamic range limiter. This can sometimes be called a "night mode" or similar.

It basically decreases the overall dynamic range and compresses it to provide the same or close db numbers from very soft to very loud passages.

If you are only using the displays speakers to listen to programming, any upgrade to a surround system with independent speakers will be a huge improvement.

Good Viewing, and hearing

Doug k
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You can boost the center channel some and reduce the surround channels to supress the dynamic range some. Sometimes using the TV speakers to damp down the dynamic range will work also.
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Carmelo J.
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I agree with what's been said already but want to add something.
I suggest you get a cheap sound level meter. I use this one from Radio Shack:
Radio Shack Analog Sound Meter
In addition get either the Video Essentials or Avia test disc. Set the levels with the meter and the disc test tones. If you still have problems then software compress the signal as described previously.
All the best,
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