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Dual Subwoofer question

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Default Dual Subwoofer question

Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new to this site, first post. Been reading through the other posts though, and I'm very impressed with the knowledge on these boards.

I have had a kenwood theater-in-the-box system for about 5 years. Started replacing speakers this year with better ones and to make a long story short, I have Athena speakers for the front and back pairs and I just bought a Velodyne VRP-1200 subwoofer.

I setup the new sub in the corner of the room, behind the tv and left front, and I liked the way it sounded, infact I was amazed at how well it made my other speakers sound. (Now I know why people like these Athenas so much.) But after listening for a while I realized that the bass seemed to be too consentrated towards the front corner of the room, and didn't sound balanced from my la-z-boy.

I know very little about subwoofer placement and I have read too many conflicting ideas on the internet to get a good feel for what I should do. But I think I did solve the problem, I just wanted to ask you guys if this seems like an acceptable answer. I bought a small RCA cable that spits the LFE feed into two outputs. I ran one to the new sub, and the other to my old kenwood that came with my system. I placed the kenwood in the opposite corner of the room, actually not far from my chair. I watched U-571 lastnight and it sounded wonderful. Bass seemed to engulf the room.

So after all that, here is my question. Am I degrading my signal by doing this or harming my equipment? I am using cheap RCA cable because the good stuff didn't seem to have a splitter piece. Any suggestions on another way to do this, or is this just a good as way as any? I have to run LFE to my rear sub because its the only input it takes.


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One little trick is to place your sub at your seating position, and then playing a strong bass selection on a CD, go around your room slowly and listen for the best bass, and place the sub there. Even better is a bass test tone available on most test DVDs. But often music is easier and improvements more obvious.
2 subs can help augment the response you are seeking, as well help where room acoustics can create an uneven response with only one sub.
I don't think you are damaging anything, but I would concentrate on getting the best bass response with the Velodyne first. And then hook up the Kenwood and see how much it really helps. More is not always better.
In general, when you use two subs, they should be the same or at least of similar perfomance and sound quality as well as power handling. While tonal quality is not really an issue at sub levels, bass extension and smoothness of response typically improves with cost.

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