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dark picture on hdtv?

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Old 03-23-2009, 12:00 AM   #1
What is HD?

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Default dark picture on hdtv?

hello i have my computer hooked up to our sony KDS-R60XBR2 60-Inch tv threw a hdmi cord. and when i watch movies from the computer it seems to come out really dark. during dark scenes i can barley make out a picture at all, even during normal lighting it still seems really really dark. i messed with the graphics card on the computer and it did nothing so i know its the tv. the same thing goes for our HDdvd player i was watching a hd dvd player and it looked nothing like a hd movie. i was watching a hd movie on my friends tv and it looked 1000x better then what i was looking at. kinda the same thing with our cable we have direct tv with hd channels but doesnt seem to come out very HDish? do i have to enable 1080 or something?
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Sony XBR2

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I have the same tv as you and I can tell you that your picture quality should be outstanding with every input especialy hd dvd or hd dish. The computer wont look as well as the other stuff unless you have a high quality graphics card and hd capability like blue ray drive or hd tv tuner. My tv recently blew out a lamp and the picture was aweful. Everything looked washed out and the dark scenes were really bad. My tv came with an extra lamp in the box when I bought it and that cured all of my problems. Heres a couple of things you can do to brighten it up if you dont have the spare lamp; go into the menu and under settings, turn the power saving mode to off, this will brighten the picture alot. Then go into your picture mode and make sure that the advanced iris is set to either auto 1 or max (for each input because they are not the same so if your on video 7 and switch to video 8 the pic settings are different) I also find that the custom picture mode gives you the brightest picture although you have to do alot of tweaking to fin a good balance between a high gamma setting and high black corrector. These tv's are also starting to show effects of the green blob or faulty ligh engine that the Sony's are unfortunately known for but the picture usually stays bright and will have a greenish or bluish tint in one corner. If that happens we are covered until Aug 2010 thanks to Sony extending the warranty of the XBR's. I hope that I have helped some how and good luck with your set. These tv's have some of the best picture quality money can buy even compared to some of the best lcd's and plasma's out there today and I only wish I could hang mine on the wall.
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