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Samsung DLP Issue

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Default Samsung DLP Issue

I was recently given a Samsung DLP tv model HLS6187W

The unit powers up and has a picture, but it gives an error on the screen reading "Check the fan No. 1 & 2"
After 5 or so minutes the tv turns off.
The Standby/Temp and Timer lights flash on and off as well

The manual says with that light combination that "A cooling fan inside the set is not operating properly"

This led me to believe that the fans were possibly no good.
I found guides online on how to open up the tv and found that both fans were spinning (this model has one fan on the DMD board and one on the lamp).

I then read both in the service manual as well as on a couple of forum posts that if the fans are spinning but you are getting an error about check fans that the DMD board is likely bad.

I then ordered a replacement DMD board online.
It came in the mail and I installed it, but nothing has changed.
I still see "Check the fan No. 1 & 2"

I scoured as many forum posts as I could find with mentions about Check Fan errors as well as shut off issues.

I've tried jumping the temperature sensor, taping down the blue cover switch, factory resetting the tv, all to no avail.

The color wheel seems fine and is not noisy.
I'm not sure the last time that the lamp was replaced, but the hours reading in the service menu said 13660 hours. That sounds old but I get a picture, which makes me think it isn't the lamp. Could I be wrong about this?

The only other idea I have, is maybe the fans are spinning too slowly, and giving the error? Is this possible? Hard to believe both would go out at the same time in the same way (both still spinning).

Is there any way to verify that the DMD board I purchased is indeed working properly?

Is there some sort of reset I need to perform since I replaced the DMD board?

I hate to keep throwing money at it without knowing what the issue is.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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What is HD?

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Fans have spin sensors (rpm calculation done, probably on the mainboard), but both of them giving this issue? It's odd to do at the same time
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