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Samsung DLP goes blank with audio

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Old 01-08-2010, 04:24 PM   #1  
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Default Samsung DLP goes blank with audio

I got a 50" Sammy DLP (HLP5063 -2005 model) that was only used for a few years. First the buzzing noise started, and from all the forums and taking it apart Im sure its the color wheel. Its annoying but I dealt with it. Then the picture started to go blank after an hour of tv or so, but the sound continued until I shut it off and turned it back on (also found that cycling through the inputs worked too even though it blanks out in any input I am using); then it would work for another hour or so. It progressively got worse until now its on for maybe 10 seconds and then goes blank (still has sound), and after some seconds or sometimes minutes, it shuts itself off. Ive taken it apart and taped the fault switch door on to watch what happens when its on. I found that when iit goes blank, there is no real difference from when picture is working. The light is still on, the fans are running, the color wheel is going (I know this because its still buzzing at the same pitch), but yet there is no picture. I thought I noticed a small surge when it happens, but I may be crazy. When it shuts itself down, it sometimes turns back on and off again, but will blink the 3 lights when its done cycling.
Is it possible the color wheel could cause this even though its still running or is it the dmd board? I would love to keep the tv instead of throwing it away since this one probably isn't worth a whole lot anymore.
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It's often hard to determine which thing may be causing the shut down, color wheel, bulb, ballast, dmd board, without the proper testing instruments. But, the dmd board usually dies with lines across the picture, or other things where you can still see the pic behind a distorted screen, so I'd guess that's not the issue.

Many people find that the bulb dying causes the problem. So if you haven't changed the bulb for two or three years, that might be the easiest first thing to try and a color wheel making noises can also be the problem, again, the tv acts up as the wheel goes out.

So, bulb and/or color wheel are my guess.
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