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Setup cable card for JVC 61Z886

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Old 07-28-2005, 09:08 AM   #1  
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Default Setup cable card for JVC 61Z886

I did not get much help from my cable provider (Time Warner), so once again I ask this forum for help.

Let me start from the beginning. I subscribed digital cable last week. I picked up the cable card last Friday and called in the same day to activate the card. I got a call on Monday that the activation is completed. After I told them that I did not plug in my card to the tv yet (my fault), so they said they will try again on Tuesday with my card plug in. I got a call again on Tuesday saying that the activation is completed. When I got home that night, I turn on the tv and did not get any channels with the card plug in. Without the card, I get all the analog channels and few digital channels as I stated at another post. Since I had a tech scheduled to come out yesterday (Wed), then I waited for another day for this tech to come out. When he came out, he brought in a cable box. I told him that I already had cable card and also told him what had happened. This tech has not setup up cable card before and had little clue about it. Then he had to call in for tech support. First few tech support did not know about cable card either. They kept passing on to another level of tech support. Finally, one guy knew about it, but he did not do anything. He just asked to leave the cable in and he will re-activate again.

Last night and this morning, with the cable card plug in, I can watch all analog channels which I could not watch before. With digital channels, I can see the channel name but no picture. In the TV's setup menu show all digital channels which also did not have before.

Anyone knows that I have change any settings from the TV or b/c the cable card and call Time Warner.

Thanks for any help.
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Read the section in your TV's manual about CableCard... usually, you insert the card & it goes thru a long slow initialization... and when that's done it tells you it's ready for authorization from the cableco... you must keep power on while it's being authorized. You'll have to read off the long unique ID number to the cable guy so he can address your card.
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