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Recommendations for a good projector and motorized screen

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Default Recommendations for a good projector and motorized screen

I answered this on another forum and thought it should be also put in the projector forum.
Originally Posted by BradMac View Post
Recommendations for a good projector and motorized screen?
How large can you go for the best picture?
The image size will depend on the quality of the projector. Most moderate quality projectors will max out about 100 inches diagonal.

There are two issues that will limit screen size, focus and the light source. Depending on the optics of the projector there will be a range of distances from the screen where the image will focus. Secondly, the brightness of the image will then depend on the amount of light output the projector lamp is capable of which is usually measured in lumens. The more lumens a projector will put out the more expensive the projector will be.

Having said that for size, the quality of the picture will depend on several factors as well. DLP or LCD chips, room lighting, and native resolution are some of the factors. DLP projectors tend to be better than LCD projectors in my opinion, but generally cost more. DLP chips uses tiny mirrors which can an often do get stuck causing a white or black permanent pixel. DLP chips are difficult to repair. LCD projectors generally will have lower contrast than the DLP, but usually are less prone to failure.

Room lighting is very important for the quality of an image because the darkest any area of the image can get is going to be the darkness of the screen. If the room lights are on, the light from the room lights will be added to the light from the projector causing the image to wash out. There are ambient light rejecting screens (ALR) that will reduce room lighting effect on the image, but they also will reduce the viewing angles and are quite expensive.

The native resolution of the projector may be the most important thing to watch for in buying a projector. Most projectors will advertise the formats the projector will handle which should be of little concern to you and is often a misleading spec manufactures use to make the projector to look better than it actually is. For example, a VGA projector is usually 800x600 or 1024x768. The input spec may say 1080p supported, but it will rescale the image to 800x600 or 1024x768 depending on the native resolution of the projector. On large images you may see the spaces between the pixels or what is called the screen door effect. Getting a projector with a native resolution of 1080p would be the minimum for a 100" image, in my opinion.

For a low cost 1080p projector there is this one:

For a low cost motorized screen there is this one:

Those will get you set up for under $500 and the projector will do about a 92" screen with plenty of brightness.
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