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4805 Rainbow and 4805 LCD Alternative Needed

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Old 11-29-2005, 12:32 PM   #1  
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Default 4805 Rainbow and 4805 LCD Alternative Needed

Hi, I finally broke down and got the InFocus 4805. I have to say that was skeptical that it would really be as good as everyone said. But for one of the first times I was wrong. It really does look good. I didn't want to wait for a screen, so I went to Joann's Craft Store and got 6'x54" of blackout cloth. It looked great!

I think I am seing rainbows, unfortunately. It's not all the time. I only see them faintly and it is when I move my eyes across the screen. My eyes also started hurting a little. I don't know if that last part could be from moving from a 27" tube to a 60" screen (from 14ft away and yes, I know it can be a bigger screen).

Will the rainbows go away? Can it take time to get used to? And is there an LCD alternative that is comparable to the InFocus 4805? I read that LCD projectors are very good now and they do not cause the problems that DLP can (don't know of other possible LCD problems).

Thank you.
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Usually if you see rainbows, you're going to always see them. It's possible that you'd get used to it and no longer notice, but you should make that decision within the product's returnable period.

As for an LCD alternative in the same price range...go check projector central and see what they have.
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