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Issues with my Yamaha RX-A3020

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Default Issues with my Yamaha RX-A3020

Hi there,

I have a Yamaha RX-A3020 receiver, every day i turn on my receiver in the morning or afternoon no sound will come out of the receiver, you could have the receiver and tv on for 50 minutes and no sound will come out. (note the picture will display on the tv perfectly fine) And then all of sudden the sound will come out. For a while there you could get sound out of the tv, but now the sound won't even come out of the tv.

I have tried changing the inputs, from Sky, Apple tv, PS4, media player, radio, net radio, air play, etc and this makes no difference.

This does this in both Zone 1 and Zone 2. (not using zone 3 and 4 yet).

After around 50 minutes the sound will just come on by it self.

We haven't changed any settings or added anything new. It's been the same set up for the past few years.

I noted the firmware was out of date, so i just updated it and still i am having this issue.

I have tried different HDMI cables and still have the same issue.

Has anyone else had this sort of issue with Yamaha receivers? have you got any suggestions on what i can do.

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You may have a problem with the "Overload Sensor" it may be sensing a fault in the speaker connections, I would check all wiring to the speakers first, make sure there are no loose strands touching any other speaker connection...

Then with the unit first powered OFF hold the INFO and TONE CONTROL buttons in at the same time and click the power button ONCE, do not hold the power button, release the INFO and TONE buttons when the unit powers up, this should reset the overload sensor.

If this does not work then you may have a short somewhere in the speaker(s) wiring, an OHM or DVM meter can be used to check this, you would need to disconnect the speaks one at a time to check, anything under 3 to 4 ohms would indicate a problem in that circuit.

If all speakers and the wiring to them check out then the overload circuit is at fault and the unit would need to be serviced.
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