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Screen for hiding components in Media/TV Cabinet

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Old 01-04-2010, 04:24 PM   #1  
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Default Screen for hiding components in Media/TV Cabinet

Well our living/TV room is taking shape with the additional purchase of a new Media/TV stand we got from World Market on Friday. The wooden cabinet looks great and it being much taller than the cheap hand me down we had before makes my 52" look that much bigger.

The only downside to the spontaneous purchase (it was the last model of TV stand in stock and we bought the floor model) is that the wooden shelves which house my receiver, PS3, DirecTV, and Wii console has doors that that serve no purpose because they are slotted and we can still see all the glowing lights and equipment inside. Because it was the last model it is also no longer on their website so I can not show it to you.

Anyway, we would like to mount some scree or fabric on the inside of the doors so that we could hide the electronics and maybe dim that ugly blue light on the DirecTV receiver. Any recommendations on what to use? I am sure we could just go to JoAnns fabric and sort through fabrics, but I am curious what you all have used. We have an RF remote so blocking the line of sight to the equipment is not a problem.
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At one point I had I similar problem. My solution was that my component wwas originally in a place where a drawer was suppose to be. So when I built the stand, I didn't build the drawer. I only used the front part of the drawer and held it in with brackets. Its like if I had a drawer with a receiver inside.

If you wanna go fancy, you can always put some plexiglass behind the slotted doors (of course you gotta cut it) and put some 5% tint on it..
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Old 01-06-2010, 12:50 PM   #3  
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There is a way to turn that light off on the direct tv reciever. I cannot remember how, but I read it on this forum in the direct tv section a while back. I might want to ask over there on how to turn it off.
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Old 04-29-2010, 01:20 AM   #4  
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I also have the same problem just like her. Please can you help us to solve this. Thank you very much.

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the doors are slotted to allow air flow, so you might try a loose weave black cloth "grill" attached to the back side of the doors to cut down the light spill through. Do not use anything solid or your equipment could get too hot - and even if you use a loose weave cloth, check the equipment temperature after 30 or 45 minutes run time to make sure they can "breathe"
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