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WOW what will they come up with next

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Default WOW what will they come up with next

WOW am I impressed, after a trip to town I had the opportunity to watch a demo of some 4K UHD videos and some UN-compressed audio files from some USB 3.0 flash drives, these flash drives were 128MB in size but the dimensions were the size of postage stamps.

I was flabbergasted with the audio and video, had I brought the check book I would be installing the stuff now, it looks like DVD's and Blue-rays have some direct competition if these hit the market.

The videos were very impressive but it was the uncompressed sound that took me back to the directly on stage days as a sound engineer.

The separation was fantastic, the SNR was below anything I have ever heard before and the THD was to my old ears non existent.

All this was played through a high end Denon AV receiver connected to some very nice electrostatic speakers, and a new LG OLED G6 UHD TV.

For an old broadcast engineer this was a very impressive display, if your current AV receiver can play direct wave files then this is the way to go, stand alone DVD and Blue Ray players will be a thing of the past
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What is HD?

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Thanks for letting me know, technology is changing at very fast rate! It is not possible that you will get the same audio quality after 5 years, there will be something else.
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