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Convert DVD Library to digital?

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Default Convert DVD Library to digital?

Hey, so I'm new to this forum. My parents have built a house to retire in, and I have so far set them up with a sound system (centered around a Yamaha RX-A2010). Now, my parents have >400 movies (depending on my dad's recent spending habits, that number may be closer to 500).

So...I have the question of the best way to convert the massive library to digital. I have looked into 8 TB hard drives (what I estimate to be plenty of storage, even for my dad), and DVDFab as a ripper. I don't know what hardware to get to connect the two (that is, something that plays the DVD .iso files on the hard drive and outputs it to the sound system receiver).

Ideally, something that has internet access to label and organize the movies would be best (sort of like Netflix's interface, but better).
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A lot of people think you have the right to do that, but in the US the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) appears to say otherwise. I rather doubt some vague principle of "Fair Use" overrides the specific language in an act of Congress that prohibits defeating a mechanism, encryption or signal format that is designed to protect intellectual property rights.

Since the audio files on CDs aren't normally protected by DRM, the copy protection mechanism aspects of the DMCA apparently don't apply. Earlier law would still prohibit distribution of the tracks to someone outside the household. You may even owe license fees to play the track in a restaurant, reception hall, or retail store (even off vinyl, tape, ordinary broadcast radio or the original CD). The online database of track information (track names and artist information is normally not included on the CD itself) and album cover art is operated in connection to the license to use you local track ripping software and/or an online music store. There might not be a comparable online database for video.

Be very careful any media files, or even a list of media files, that lack the original Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption aren't visible to any computer outside the Local Area Network! You probably should include off site "in the cloud" backup services in that precaution.

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It's better to take a program.
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The above is kinda spendy, but does the trick and is EASY to use. Something to think about when doing an install of any type for parents or technically challenged folks.

Another somewhat cheaper option is an older unit from Sony. http://www.amazon.com/Sony-BDP-CX960...ti+disc+player

And of course, building a library HTPC is an option, albeit not 100%
legal. Done all of the time of course.


Doug k
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