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Media Player Hardware A place to discuss media players like the Western Digital, ASUS, Roku, Popcorn Hour, and similar hardware media players.

New guy needing help getting set up

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What is HD?

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Default New guy needing help getting set up

Gentlemen, greetings:

Newbie here, so please be gentle. I am wanting to stream all of my HD home videos/pictures from my Network Storage drive to my TV.

I already own the following hardware:

-Sony Playstation 3
-Sony HDR-SR11 HD Camcorder
-Mitubishi HD TV
-Actiontec MI424WR Verizon FIOS Router

My PS3 and TV are downstairs; my router is in the room directly above it.

I just bought the following but can take it back if necessary:
-Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home 2TB Network Storage
-Belkin N750 DB Router
-Sony Media Player

I'm trying to figure out what I need, what I don't and how best to set it up.

My camcorder records HD videos as .m2ts files. I also shoot video with my iPhone which saves as a .mov file.

I've put my entire photo/video album on the Seagate Drive.

It is hardwired to my router upstairs. My understanding is via DLNA it communicates with my ps3.

It streams to my ps3, but playback is a bit choppy.

The Sony Media Play appears to be identical to the ps3 minus the gameplay, so I was planning to send it back. but, I tested it out and the playback thru it is very smooth (even with the verizon router at 54mb/sec). this has me baffelled.

This leads me to the question of whether or not I need the Belkin N750 (wireless N dual band router).

Being that I'm starting from scratch, is there a better choice as far as Network storage, router or player that I should consider?

Part B of that question, will this play back all file types or will there be limitations?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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I use an inexpensive PC I bought on eBay with several USB 2.0 hard drives attached for a network storage server. Each hard drive has a folder on the root that is shared. I find XP is best for the network storage server. From my internet connection I use an N wireless router (Netgear) and an N extender (Netgear) to get the LAN from one side of the house to the other. What I have found is I can not use the N router for both the LAN connection across the house while using a WDTV Live wireless. I had to hard wire the WDTV Live to not get choppy video. I figure if I can't do it with N wireless, G is probably not in the cards.

I used to have a network storage device until the electronics went out. Fortunately I didn't have very much on it and I had most everything I had stored on it backed up elsewhere except for a few movies that I have since replaced. The problem I had was the disks in the NAS were not formatted so that I could read them with my windows PC and thus recovery was not possible without repairing the unit. I took the hard drives out of the NAS and put them into some USB cases and reformatted them.

Bottom line is I would shy away from NAS devices myself in favor of using a PC with a bank of USB hard drives. I'd also try to get as much hard wired as possible. I also lean toward the WDTV Live media players over PS3s or other media players I've seen.
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