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low bitrate/cheap codec

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more bitrate
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rabbit73>>>>>KCBS has 1080i for the main and 480i for two subs. How does it look on your TV?<<<<<here in LA CBS sub channels are ok. usually the main channel is good. it's the subs that seem to fall apart.
same with NBC 4 in LA, ABC 7 and local channels. the mains look good. the sub channels look ok at 480. not real good but watchable i guess on a 1080. not as bad as the KTLA 5.3 in LA. the info on the KTLA5.3 says 480. i dunno about that. it's more closer to 360. its pretty bad.
i tried a 4k awhile back when i had to get new tv. The 4k was worse. ill stay with a 1080. if programming goes HD4k then ill consider getting a 4k.

rabbit73>>>>> think a lot depends upon the equipment that the station has and the quality of the original material.>>>>>
i have spoken to others on this. i was told the codec does the data stream. maybe the stations go the cheap way and use a cheap codec. its all about the money. always.


look under "media codecs" .... Lower bitrate codecs allow more users, but they also have more distortion.
in digital media bitrate is where it's at. this is the key to better resolution and sound.

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