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Scanning for Digital Channels

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Old 02-25-2011, 11:35 AM   #1
What is HD?

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Default Scanning for Digital Channels

I have an older Panasonic Viera plasma; when I autoscan, I get only local (Cincinnati, Dayton) channels, though I have an outdoor fringe antenna which (on my other TV) readily picks up Columbus digitals. The Panasonic doesn't recognize 4-1, for example. Any way to enter digitals manually?

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Giving advice without knowing all of the variables - isn't in our best interests.
If you could obtain the model number of your television receiver - it would help us out.
If you television receives some digital - but not all, it sounds like a software problem.
If it doesn't receive any OTA signals - then it is a hardware issue - wrong tuner for the application.

We would need a street level address for your location / along with a grocery list of everything from the antenna to the television.
Antenna, wire, splitters, any amplification - which model, how many times the signal is split from the pre amp - splitter.

You could have a number of issues, such as a splitter that is not unilateral, bad wire, poor terminal connection, wrong antenna for the application etc...
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Some tv's are able to add digital channels manually upon entering the REAL or PHYSICAL (as opposed to the VIRTUAL or DISPLAY) channel numbers (with decimal place or hyphenation, as appropriate for your tv) for the additional stations of interest. To find the real channel numbers for the Columbus stations, check here:


To see if your tv allows manual addition in this way, try entering in 14-1 or 14.1 on your remote (for channel 4), 48-1 or 48.1 for channel 6, etc. If your tv acts like mine, it will add the additional channels into stored memory, listed in order by the VIRTUAL or DISPLAY channel numbers, and from there on out, you can access them that way. Once my tv recognizes a -1 or .1 subchannel for a given station, it automatically detects and stores any additional subchannels (like -2 or .2, -3 or .3, etc.) without the need to manually add them.

Hope this is helpful...
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Originally Posted by JB Antennaman View Post
Giving advice without knowing all of the variables - isn't in our best interests.
That has never been an obstacle.
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Welcome to the forum Rustic39!

Gcd gave excellent advice on manually adding channels. Can you tell us the brand and model number of the tv? What does the manual say? Can you manually add stations to the list?

Another quick test for you to consider. Move the Panny to the tv2's location and the tv 2 to the panny's location. Hook up your antenna to the tvs in their new location. Report back with results.

Possible outcomes, the Panny now receives all the stations at the new location but tv2 fails to receive all stations. Interpretation: the tuners are fine for both tvs but there is a problem with signal distribution issue to the first panny location. Example issues could be: bad cable, bad connectors, or excessive cable run to this location.

Outcome 2. Panny does not receive the Columbus stations at location 2 and tv-2 receives all stations at the original panny location. Interpretation: poor tuner sensitivity with the panny or possible tuner overload with the panny due using excessive amplification from the 8275.

Outcome 3. Both tvs receive all stations at each location. Possible interpretation, panny tuner was overloaded at location one but not at location two.

Run the test and report back. We can offer potential solutions at that time. Also please provide the following: Antenna brand and model (attach a picture if you don't know brand + model), approximate length of cable run from the antenna to each location. What type of cable is used and how many splitters are in the distribution system? How high is the antenna mounted off the ground? Are there nearby tall trees and/or tall buildings between your home and the broadcast towers? Goto www.tvfool.com, enter your actual address, and then post a link to the report back to the forum. We will not see your address on this report but will have a better idea of your reception possibilities and challenges.

Good luck!

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My Panasonic TC-P50G25 Viera plasma set does not permit manual entry of channels into memory or nondestructive scans. If you only receive stations from one DMA, its fine; however, if you receive stations from multiple DMAs, it's not very practical to have to scan every time you rotate the antenna. Its tuner is also not as sensitive as the Dish DTVPal DVR's tuner that I use for OTA viewing.
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One thing you might try, if your TV has a signal strength meter, is watch for a time when you have exceptionally strong reception. Then turn the antennas toward the weakest station(s) you want to get, and do a scan. Hopefully, the stronger stations will come in on the back of the antennas at least enough to register, and be stored. Once you have them in the TV's memory, you can turn the antennas as needed to get the best signal.

What, me worry?
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