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Sony Bravia Antenna Reception Issues

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Old 09-13-2010, 02:26 PM   #1
What is HD?

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Default Sony Bravia Antenna Reception Issues

Hey guys,

First post here so don't be too harsh on me. So here's my situation. I recently canceled my comcast cable because I'm tired of paying them outlandish prices. So I went out and purchased an indoor antenna that works quite well. The model number is RCA #ANT111. It works great on my downstairs television which is a 55in Vizio #VF550M. I have the antenna set up by my downstairs ground level window and I receive all the important channels. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX all in HD. I live on NAS Jacksonville military base, Zip Code 32212. The problem I'm having is with my upstairs tv. This model is quite a bit older than my Vizio. It's a Sony Bravia #KDL-40V2500. When auto programming my channels it only comes up with channels 7.1-7.7, 12.1, 12.2, 25.1, and 25.2. I have tried to get it to tune the other channels by manually entering the numbers to no avail. It just comes up no signal.

I've done some troubleshooting on this. I've tried this antenna in multiple parts of the house. My upstairs TV antenna is directly above my ground level one about 15 feet higher in a window. Still have the issue with the channels. I have also brought my Sony TV downstairs and hooked it up to the antenna downstairs. It still only receives the channels listed above, but as soon as I reconnect the antenna to my Vizio I get all the major networks in HD. With the Vizio connected to the upstairs antenna I also get all the major networks. This leads me to believe it is not an Antenna issue, but a television issue. I know this is kind of similar to Gary 7's post, but mine has model numbers! Anyways, any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated. (I need to get CBS and Fox upstairs so I can watch football while I work on my PC!!)

Answer found. For anyone else having this problem make sure your tuner is set to cable off.

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The solution soldier is to put up a outdoors antenna and aim it in the proper direction.

The building materials in your home might be as little as a 8 DB loss - all the way up to being opaque to UHF signals. There is no way for us to know - since we don't have a crystal ball and like with the situation with Slats7, anybody that makes you play a guessing game with the address or the situation - doesn't really want help anyways.

The solution is to take what ever advice is given with a grain of salt.
If the solution is cost prohibitive, then your only alternative is to pay the cable bill and not whine about it.

There is no top secret / stealth antenna that can be put behind a television that will get you all your channels without having to be aimed or that can magically see through the walls. So the only way to get good reception - when reception is not available is to put the antenna outside and use a antenna of the proper length.

If the tuner is crap, take the television back and exchange it for a better one. If the television is old and you can't take it back, then buy a converter type box which will receive the signal for your television and convert it to something that the television can see.

In the end, many televisions is going to either end up in the junk pile or for sale for next to nothing at yard sales. In my travels today - which must have been garbage day - 40+ miles away from my house. I could have brought home at least 6 television sets - put out next to the garbage along a stretch of road 20 miles long.

Some of them were better then the ones that I have in my own home! They couldn't have all been junk!
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Originally Posted by conwaynavy1 View Post

Answer found. For anyone else having this problem make sure your tuner is set to cable off.
I'm glad that you were able to solve your problem.

Before you solved the problem you said that the Sony would only find channels 7.x, 12.x and 25.x These are virtual channel numbers and do not indicate the actual RF channels that the stations are broadcasting on. Do you know the actual RF channels for these stations?

On many Sony models, if you pop up its diagnostics screen when you are tuned to a virtual channel, it will indicate the actual RF channel (aka "Physical Channel) that it is tuned to in addition to signal strength and other info. Could you tell us what the RF channels are for 7.x, 12.x and 25.x. And just to be complete, the RF channels for the extra channels you received after fixing the problem. This might help us to solve Gary 7's problem as well as those of a couple of other people that I know.

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A couch and an HDTV to go please.

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I might get a chance to go back to my customers house that has the Sony Bravia and try this out to see if it will work. Gary 7
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