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Cold weather digital reception??

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Default Cold weather digital reception??

Hello all-

First post here, as I have a question for which I cannot find an answer.

After the digital transition, I bought a digital box for my analog TV.

As I live in a fairly remote area (to TV stations), I get only a couple channels, but thatís not the issue.

The converter shows signal strength of any given channel, & it usually runs around 30-40 on the stations I still receive.

When itís cold outside (15įF as I type this @ 1400), the signal doubles or triples in strength, & I can receive channels I havenít seen since the transition. Antenna doesnít move, BTW.

What causes this?

Outside of installing a giant frozen dome around me, what can I do to keep the strong signal?

Thanks in advance for your helpÖ

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Atmospheric conditions is the cause and I don't see how you could duplicate them.
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Signals usually follows the gradient lines of a high pressure system at the edge of the front.

A settled high pressure system gives the classic conditions for enhanced tropospheric propagation, in particular favoring signals which travel along the prevailing isobar pattern rather than across it. Such weather conditions can occur at any time, but generally the Summer and Autumn months are the best periods. In certain favorable locations, enhanced tropospheric propagation may enable reception of UHF TV signals up to 1,000 miles or more.

Low pressure systems usually follows a weather change such as cold weather or rain or snow. That produces clouds which might or might not reflect the signal back to earth.

A high pressure system in the summer time can produce fog in the early evening hours when the air temperature becomes cooler then the surface temperature and the fog bank is a excellent reflector - which ducts the signals miles beyond their normal reception range.

Cold temperatures produces ice crystals in the upper atmosphere which allows the signals to bounce off them and will even bend the signals - which makes them come in from odd directions.

My suggestion is to buy the largest antenna you can find and use a pre amp with the most amount of amplification you can find with the lowest noise factor and use a antenna rotor to properly point the antenna in the direction of the strongest part of the signal.

Probably the reason why I put up with my Winegard 8200U antenna.

It is large and blows around in the wind and is he11 on rotors, but receives better then most cheaper antenna's with the exception of the XG 91 which receives better the stations above channel 22 - but is a very poor performer between channels 21 - 14!
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