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DVD Compression PC Software?

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How can anyone watch standard def?
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Default DVD Compression PC Software?

Hello: I am currently burning DVDs using an RCA DVD Recorder. I have heard from others that there is a PC based software that can compress entire television seasons onto a single DVD. Apparently, there is little or no reduction in audio/video quality and you can use the software to easily edit commercials, etc. as well.

Can someone provide me with more information on this? Do you need to use a special DVD for recording? Is the audio/video quality still the same? How much (in terms of hours) can be fit on a 4.7GB DVD? Are there different types of software that can do this and if so what are there names (or web sites) and approx. costs? If you don't use a PC to record and archive programs, how can you use a typical TV and DVD recorder to fit this compressed content onto a DVD? And I'm assuming that once you "finalize" a DVD, you can no longer take advantage of the compression ability?

Slightly off topic, is it possible to "unfinalize" -R format DVDs? And is there software out there that will enhance the video quality on a burned DVD? (ie: to make a "3" or "4" hour mode as clear as a "2" hour mode).

Thanks, Ron
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Welcome to the forums. Check for a private message.

For copying cable on your computer you need a capture card, with or without a tuner.

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