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Are YOU the reason for Best Buy's slump?

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Originally Posted by Jim Bob Jones View Post
No. Neither BB nor CC will match internet prices. I wouldn't want to totally count them out. There is still a niche for the mega electronics brick and mortar store. But they are going to have to adapt to consumers' increasing awareness and use of internet sellers. Again, if you can't compete on price, you'd better have something else to offer. As for me, my last major tv purchases were from the local Sears store. Although their prices were about $150 higher than the best internet price at the time, I patronized Sears because of its generous return policies and because if the units were defective upon set up, they box them up and get me new ones. Got to find the niche or they will be going belly up, especially in hard economic times.
I too just bought my Panasonic Plasma from Sears. I went to every store in my area that sells the same model and found that Sears price was only a few dollars more than some and actually cheaper than others. Also they were running a promotion. If you bought any HDTV over 46", they included delivery for free, it's normally $65.00. In addition if you did not already have a Sears charge and applied for one, they would give you another 10% off the price.

Also as far as not paying sales tax on items purchased out of state this may or not be a true advantage. I don't know about the state you live in, but here in Ohio, if you purchase something out of state and don't pay that states sales tax, you are required to pay Ohio sales tax on the item at the end of the year. There is a section on the Ohio tax form where you total out of state purchases and then multiply by 7% and add it to your earned income. They are basically taking your word for it, but with my luck I would get caught.
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to Are YOU the reason for Best Buy's slump?
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