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Half Res

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Old 08-03-2006, 09:51 PM   #16  
What's all this, then?...
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Well, we've been around on this before and, as you say, you picked a winner. You do indeed have a 1080p set that does a great job on a 1080i signal and for those who can afford it and have the room for it, go for it.

What do you suggest for everybody else?

If someone's happy with their display, great! I'm not trying to make them unhappy, I'm trying to alert people to an issue to watch out for if they are contemplating buying a new display. One poster on this forum evaluated HD DVD on one of the failed Mitsubishi RPTV's and concluded that HD DVD wasn't as impressive as he expected. Would he have come to the same conclusion had he used a different display? I don't know, but it's definitely something to investigate when buying.

Don't read the next sentence if you are likely to become unhappy with your SXRD if you find out it's not as perfect as you think.

It still judders. You can't display 24Fps at a 60Hz refresh rate without causing slow pans and dolly shots to become jerky. That's why you need an option of 2:2 or 3:3 pull-down for the "most perfect cinema that can be obtained by this medium". Especially don't go check out the new Pioneer Elite PRO FHD 1 50" HD 1080p Plasma Monitor.
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