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Cuban Predicts High-Def Net 'Survivor'

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Old 03-23-2006, 11:04 AM   #1  
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Default Cuban Predicts High-Def Net 'Survivor'

Cuban Predicts High-Def Net 'Survivor'
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Default Mark Cuban

I heard about the constraints on cable before,but people ain't trying to hear that.Most of them see that they have more channels than directv.But the future is satellite and that Verizon fios.Since it's all about bandwidth cable subscribers should realize that.
P.S. That article was a good read.
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I totally agree. The future is Fiber period. The sats are going to self destruct because they are compressing the HD signals to much. The cable networks will not spend the money to upgrade there networks unless they lose like 20% of their customer base. Crapcast for one is the most incompitant cable network on planet earth. They have the largest network and will fill it to the brim with SD and analog before they add more HD. Until Fiber becomes ubiquitous, it will be hundreds of SD channels for the millions of people that buy those fancy HDTVs.
Thank the lord for High def DVD and Blu-Ray!
It is going to be funny watching News Corp, Time Warner, Viacom and GE battle it out and get their HD channels added. I am sure at some point, they will have to pay the Cable companies and Sats to add their HD channels because of bandwidth limitations.
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