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ExtremeTech group looks at LCoS

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Post ExtremeTech group looks at LCoS

With a few dozen geeks and lay people, ExtremeTech examines the latest in LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silcon) It's a reflective (as opposed to transmissive) LCD technology. You basically get all these liquid crystal mirrors to play with, where the rest of the logic on the silicon switches the mirrors rapidly between "reflect" and "absorb" thousands of times a second. (Similar to how DLP works, but instead of actual mirrors rocking back and forth, it's just LCD switching on and off, playing with light polarization.) Also refered to as Sony's SXRD line or JVC's HD-ILA line, trying to distance the name from Toshiba's LCoS line.. This is the 3rd installment of 4 articles (links to the other two can be found in their article).


Slashdot has a great disscussion of this article... slash readers note that the lower rated JVC got higher ratings for their artificial sharpness, from the none geek crowd, casting doubt on the average consumers ability to judge 'what is the best buy'


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LOL! By definition, the *average* consumer is always right about what is the best buy, as they drive the market. They might not like what the technogeeks like, but "better" is always a subjective term when it comes to consumer products and most consumers have different priorities than technogeeks.

(Just an example--it appears that the main reason many people bought Toshiba CRT-based HDTV's wasn't because of their image quality, or features, or technology, or even price, rather it was because their bottom mounted speakers made them able to fit in existing cabinets while units with speakers on the side did not. We all probably could have bought new cabinets and saved money and/or got a better TV, but that would have been more work and wasn't the priority.)

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I paid about $2500 for a HDTV cabinet recently. It is 50 inches on the inside, and I was surprised at how much space my 42 inch EDTV took up, but it does have side speakers. For my next HDTV purchase, it will probably be a must that the speakers be below the TV, not on the sides, or it won't fit into my cabinet.
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