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HD Myths

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Old 01-02-2006, 06:36 PM   #1  
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Default HD Myths

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My plasma is High Def.

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Default Great Article

Very informative and helps clean up some of the myths surrounding HDTV.
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They even used a myth as fact in their explanation of one of these myths.

In page 2 of the article under "The higher the screen resolution, the better the image quality of an HDTV." the author says, "Most HDTV sets today are 720p displays, but a few vendors are beginning to offer 1080p sets."

The claim that most HDTV sets today are 720p displays has no basis in fact. Looking at the data from displaysearch, a market research outfit that tracks display technology, in the 2nd quarter of '05, the CRT had 84.3% of the display market with LCD comming in at 10.3%, plasmas at 2.9%, CRT RP at 1.4% and microdevice RP (LCD, DLP) at 1.1% paints a different picture. It can be surmised that in that quarter the MD RP, would all be 720p sets. However when it comes to plasmas, a portion of the 2.9% would have been EDTV resolutions. Also true of the LCD panels, which would be less HD resolutions than ED or SD resolutions. The market data does not support the "Most HDTV sets today are 720p displays" claim.

Why? Well look at the numbers. We can say that all of the RP CRTs sold in Q2 of '05 were 1080i sets, so that balances out the MD RP. Of the 83.4% CRT displays we know that most of them were probably analog SD sets, but if you only attribute 10% of the direct view sets sold to be HD versions, that is 8.3% of the display market, which I would think is conservative. That 8.3% is more than the MD RP and plasmas combined. I think the conclusion of the author can be seen to be just a wrong assumption propogated by another myth that CRT based HDTVs are the minority of HDTV sets sold.
Refefence: http://www.displaysearch.com/free/ce...mtg_101805.pdf

Note: I used the 2Q of '05 because that was the last quarter with actual reported numbers. 3Q and 4Q of '05 are estimates in the report, which may or may not be valid.
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Lord of Gaming
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rbinck, if there was an HD town, you would be the mayor.

Which, I guess would make Cass the governor? Assuming, there is an HD state.
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