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Blu-Ray, the new Laser Disc!!!

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Originally Posted by chipvideo View Post
I remember that nobody bought vhs tapes either. They rented them because they cost so much. I believe $50 was the going price for them when dvd first came out. It was cheaperr to buy dvd than vhs movies. Also it was going from analog to digital disc.
$50 only for Fox titles.

Seriously though, no, they didn't cost that much. In the beginning, before Beverly Hills Cop came out on video, VHS tapes typically sold for around $80-$120. At that time, nobody bought a movie on VHS, unless they really really wanted it. But BHC was the first to be "priced to own", at $24.95 if I recall correctly. (The studios always hated the rental market, and they were doing everything they could to kill it.) Within a few years, every title was $25 or less, and when DVD came out, they were even cheaper.

One of the nice things about laserdiscs was that they were always cheaper than VHS tapes, although that wasn't true anymore at the end.

Everything else you said is true, although I think the reason your HD-DVD player handles DVDs better than your old DVD player is simply because it's a newer model. I imagine anyone buying a new standard DVD player in a similar price range will get a machine that handles DVDs just as well.
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to Blu-Ray, the new Laser Disc!!!
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