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HDMI Devices when you have no HDMI ports

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What is HD?
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Default HDMI Devices when you have no HDMI ports


I'm probably investigating something obtuse and not possible...

My older but nice Sharp Aquos TV had all the HDMI ports blow out during an electrical storm. They are dead, dead and dead. The only input that works in HD mode is the coaxial antenna and DTV tuner in the TV. Yes, I get old fashioned, OTA broadcasts in HD.

I've seen a few converter boxes that will take an HDMI input (like my Roku Streaming Stick+) and convert to an analog out, and then pump this into the analog part of the TV via the coax antenna. Tune the TV to analog Channel 3, and voila. So, I could get this working at 480p. But who would want to?

But HD DTV also comes into this coax antenna port. Does anybody make a similar device that is HD? One that would take the HD HDMI signal from the Roku, and have the DTV tuner pick it up? Of course, if it costs more than $50 I just toss the TV...
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They do make a RF device that will take in an HDMI input and output ATSC signal, but they are very expensive. Like $700.00 expensive.

Does your Sharp have any component video inputs or VGA (PC) input? Most Aquos TVs I know of have a PC input which would be HD also. Then there are plenty of HDMI to vga + audio converters available.
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If you are handy with a screw driver you could fix the TV if your up to it.

You can find replacement tuner boards for most HDTV's on Ebay, I had some Samsung boards from some TV's that where front screen damaged due to a bar fight, (yes it does happen in these parts) they sold like hot cakes.

Try looking here.
All you need is the model number of the TV and the PCB board number of the input board, a little surgery and your done.

The hardest part is getting the back off of some TV's.
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