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HDMI Input Quandry

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Default HDMI Input Quandry

From: eaglevet
I am new to this forum and didn't know how to post a NEW message. I added on to a current thread, but I wasn't sure if you were still following it-so I am emailing you directly. I have the Panasonic PT60DL54 (DLP)on order. It has one HDMI input. My concern is that I will either have to choose whether to hook up my cable box (which will have a HD DVR) to the HDMI or my DVD (which I have not purchased yet...). I was told that I could just use the cable box with the components and not lose much HD quality and use the DVD with the HDMI and get superior quality. My other choice is to purchase an IR switch box and have both the cable box and DVD hooked up. This box seems pretty good-can actually be programed with the remote. Alternately, would I be better off with the Toshiba 62hmx84 (DLP) which has 2 HDMI inputs? I just don't seem to like the picture with the Toshiba as much...
First, to start a new thread what you do is to select a Forum that is approprate for your subject from the starting page. Don't use the Last Post, but the Forum title. That will bring up a list of all of the thread titles in the forum. At the top of the box that has the Forum titles there will be a button and you click on it.

Now to answer your question, I would not give up picture quality for a second HDMI input, if it were me. I'd get a separate switch box. What you might want to do is to get the TV you prefer and try different connections to determine wheather you need the box. It very well could be tht the cable box will not be any different in PQ through the component connections. People get sold on a better PQ through the HDMI connection and even though it has the potential to have better PQ, in reality it does not allways due to other factors - particularly in cable programming.

Also the DVD may not improve through the HDMI connection. It depends on the DVD player.

Bottom line for me would be to try the different units hooked up the different ways and make sure I could tell a difference. Get input from others also. If it turns out that there is an improvement on both sources, then make a move on the switch box.
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What is HD?

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Thanks. You confirmed my thoughts.
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