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TV has Horizontal lines in the left 2/3 of picture. The menu is fine. I have updated the firmware and initialized the tv and still the same issue. It looks like a main board issue but would just like to run it by the group.
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Is anyone out there having a problem with their mitisbushi high def tv getting white spots and the tv is out of warranty now and the company do not want to fix the problem. This is a defect in this TV and the TVs should be recalled and the defective part fixed. Please let me know if you are having this problem. I think this warrants a case action suit against Mitisbushi.
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08:55 PM
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08:34 PM
I have a emerson HDTV that our perverted neighbor got into our house and activated the camera in .Does anybody know the service code to get into it and how to shut it off.
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10:40 AM
This is an exclusive group composed of only the most elite members of the High Def Forum community, hand-picked by group moderator and forum superstar GLOW. Membership requirements are: 1) You own a PS3, and 2) You agree that the PS3 is superior to every electronic device ever made. For those that meet the requirements and are interested in joining, please PM GLOW for initiation ritual info.
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04:09 AM
Technicians who work for themselfs
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06:30 PM
we focus on router question and solution
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12:43 AM
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04:18 AM
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