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Onkyo TX-NR676

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Default Onkyo TX-NR676

So a few months ago I blew something in my Marantz AVR and haven't gotten it fixed yet so I had been using my Pioneer Elite Avr but it is a few years old and although it does 4k it only will do it at 30hz/fps (same for any resolution above 1920x1080 - only at 30 fps) and also won't pass HDR and doesn't play nice when both my projector and tv are hooked up. THis has caused a whole bunch of additional cables separate audio and video to devices so I decided to see if there was any reasonable solution.

I got an Onkyo Tx-NR676. Although it was released in Summer 2018 they have released a newer model the 686 so the 676 has been essentially put on fire Sale. FWIW the only difference I can discern looking at spec sheets is the 686 is THX certified and also does multi positional room calibration while the 676 only permits one measuring position.

Since re-doing my HT room this fall I decided when setting up this time to go from a 7.2 to 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos setup.
So far so good the 676 has come a long way from the debut launch 605. NR (network receiver with built in wi-fi , blu-ray, spotify, play fi etc vs the old SR stereo/surround receiver designation.

Set-up was a piece of cake and so far this thing has been performing flawlessly. Since I run 2 subs I am still experimenting with dialing in and tuning the bass a bit but otherwise the soundfield after room calibration sounds real good. I did adjust the crossovers to 80hz from the 50hz that aut set-up liked as that is my preference.

I have been amazed at all the features they have packed into good budget receivers these days.
Power is 100 wpc and my speakers are pretty efficient and are driven easily by this and there doesn't seem to be any problems I've noticed with headroom.

Set up the system yesterday and watched 2 movies ;1 atmos 1 DTS-HD MA and a ton of football and all was well. Dual HDMI which is a must are working well with my Tv and projector and easily switched from Main+Sub to either just Main or Sub (had to do huge custom macros on my other receivers on my Harmony Remote to switch the active monitor out set-up. I will probably find some shortcomings compared to my old AVR ( to be expected in $1k AVR vs a budget/value model) but so far I haven't found it.

Current price for the Onkyo TX-NR676 is $250. Hell of a deal.

If you are in the market for a new AVR that can do all the newest sound codecs (to include DSD) and also 4k/60p + HDR10, Dolby Vision HDR, HLG and BT2020 you really can't go wrong here and so far it doesn't run hot like an oven like my old Onkyo 605 and 905 did. BTW Also has powered or line out zone 2 and bi-amp for fronts if desired and a phono input with appropriate pre-amp

tl dr; the 676 is great and inexpensive.
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