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Wall Mount and Metal Studs

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Old 06-04-2005, 09:24 AM   #1
A couch and an HDTV to go please.

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Default Wall Mount and Metal Studs

Anyone ever mount a plasma to a wall with metal studs?

I live in a city highrise condominium and the walls have metal studs in them...

Also, do people normally run the power cord through the wall than out at the bottom than plugged into an outlet if you don't have an outlet high on the wall that was designed for a plamsa tv?
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It should work fine with metal studs as along as you use the proper screws. They do this all the time in office buildings. As for visible cords and cables, if appearance is important to you, you may want to have an outlet and coax port installed in the wall right behind the display. It does make for a better presentation. Good luck.
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Default Should be ok

I have done quite a few installs and infact on the last one at AJ Rocco's in downtown Cleveland I hung a 42" Hitachi by togal bolts only. There were metal studs there however in this case I helped a maintiance man for the company hang it and he insisted on the togal bolts. To my surprise there is no way that is coming off the wall. It sits about 16ft off the floor also. Link below. Please note this client would be moving the monitor so we did not put the wires in the wall.


Power cord is your prefence. You or a hierd hand could run a box up behind were the unit will be. If you hire an electrician he could tap in the box below and save you some cash! In one install I did what you had mentioned, to put a hole up top and a hole near the outlet below. The other option (a deffinet easy out)is to hide it on the wall itself using somekind of cover like a PVC pipe cut in half painted to the color in your room. I myself, if I knew it was going to stay there I would run a new box up higher especially seeing you have a sorce of power so close you can tap into.
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