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New guy to hdtv's

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Old 11-30-2007, 11:00 PM   #1  
What is HD?
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Default New guy to hdtv's

Howdy gent's

Recently decided it was time to upgrade the tv and go with an hdtv. After doing some reading I decided to go with a sony 46W3000.

Love the tv but am having a bit of an issue with motion blur especially in dark "scenes". It's obvious to the point that its starting to make me think that maybe I should return this and go plasma.

I have this tv paired up with a toshiba a30 1080p hd-dvd players running hdmi. The dvd player is set to 1080p and the picture is great other than the motion blur. Fast moving scenes and dark scene's seem to be just horrible.

I was curious if there were anything I could do myself to help reduce this? The tv has not been calibrated by a tech guy but im wondering if its even worth having this done?

I pretty much only plan on using this tv for movies and games and maybe some sports and have heard that this set handles all of this well.

I do have another question for the game guru's, I hooked up my 360 via VGA (older 360, doesnt support hdmi) and I went in and maxed our the resolution in the display options and loaded up a game. The menu's look crisp and good but the game itself looks horrible. Textures look faded(blurred?) out and not crisp at all and no deep color definition.

I am starting to get the feeling that I should of went plasma but then again others have rated this tv to be really good so im thinking maybe im not doing something right?

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated,
Forgive me I am new to all of this but learning as much as I can to get the best picture possible with my setup.

Thanks in advance
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Old 12-01-2007, 08:39 AM   #2  
Got an Emerson 32 inch HD

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Hook the 360 up with the high def comp cables and it should look great. Although with bigger tv's it seems games never look as good as on smaller ones. Seems that they are darker even when the brightness is turned up. I've saw this happen on a bunch of friends HDTV's. I saw on the g4 channel.... That they don't recommend going over 32 inches for gaming. The lines are stretched more so you see more of the flaws. Although I used to play 360 on my dads 60 inch 1080i. Most of it looked fine except when I got in a dark area of the game it was difficult to see even with the brightness up. It looks much clearer on my 32 inch 720p tv. But then again most games I have are recommended for 720p. Call of duty 4 on Playstatoin 3 says it will go to 1080i but even on my dads 1080i it goes to 720p automatically. I've read that it does that with everyone on ps3 but not 360. I got to say I'm super suprised at upscaled dvd's. I figured upscaled dvd's wouldn't compare to a bluray. But I have full metal jacket on bluray and I watch a regular dvd upscaled and it honestly dont look much different. But I've also read that on a 32 inch tv it won't look as much different as it will on a bigger tv. Bluray is true HD I know but worth the extra money? some of them are 39 bucks! most are 34 bucks! a regular dvd for 19 dollars upscaled looks just as good to me. not worth the extra.
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