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Plasma Screen Defect. What is it??

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Default Plasma Screen Defect. What is it??


I have a major problem with my Plasma Monitor. You can click on the link below to see a photo of the defect.


You may have to copy and paste it into your browser address line.
Here is the history of the set, which is a 50" plasma from a major and
reputable manufacturer. I will not mention their name since they are
still trying to decide what to do about my problem. Their technical
department says they have never seen anything like this before. (Duh- And I believe them!- Double Duh)

Burn in, such as those of logos and fixed images, are considered to be
abuse by the owner and is not covered under the Warranty. They may take refuge in this, but this is in no way the burn in that they
exclude from the Warranty. Under a white light HD Generator these
vertical clumps cover the entire center of the screen. The folks at
the repair place that has the set and works for Hitachi says that the entire screen is, "wore out".

For some reason the TV repairmen who are trying to fix it (under the
Warranty) can't get a digital picture of it to send to Hitachi. I took this picture in April of a golf match That is Tiger Woods and Phil Michaelson in the picture. The defect is clearly visable as clumps of light green dots in the upper central portion of the picture.

They did a "screen wipe" about three months ago and it helped. It a little less than three months to gradually return and now it is
worse than ever.

The dots vary in color depending on the background. In this case they
are green because of the grass in the background. If I am watching TV and Lou Dobbs has a head shot near the center top of the screen the dots are on his rather large forehead and are yellow. In fact that is where I first began to notice them.

Do any of you knowledgable folks have any idea as to what may be the
problem. Do you think this should be covered under the Warranty, which
was in force when I first reported the problem to the manufacturer? Up to this point they have more or less admitted liablity by picking up the set twice to work on it for no charge to me. They just seem to balk at replacing it since it appears it is not fixable.

The company has been passing this back and forth endlessly while I am without the set. I have been trying for over a year for them to either fix it or replace it.

Any opinions?

Many thanks,

Bill Saxon
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