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HARD CORE Gamer Want YOUR Opinion

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Old 05-04-2006, 01:53 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by djtodd
Yeah, that Panny Plasma looks nice, but I've decided to just wait on this thing. I think in 6 months the Sharp and Sonys will come down in price and I can get a 37 or 43 incher for about $1200-1500. It's seems that it's often a matter of waiting for a newer model to knock the current ones out and thus down in price. Si?
Technology doesnt drop that fst especially considering the 40's are around $3,000 at any B&M store.
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Old 05-04-2006, 01:56 PM   #17
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I say either the westinghouse 37 or 42...if you definately want lcd. Or the panny 42'', which is 2500, and can probably be got for less than 2000 somewhere like circuit city with a little bargaining. LCD's wont drop as much as you think, esp. w/ a name brand like sony. The sony rp lcd's would prob. be alright, but they're not that much cheaper than the plasmas and cheaper lcd's of about the same size now-a-days. good luck.
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Old 05-05-2006, 10:14 AM   #18
A couch and an HDTV to go please.

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Here's some info I got about the 37" Panny Plasma. Does it really have a 10000:1 contrast ratio? If that's true, then it's WAAAAAY better than LCD when it comes to contrast, thus making it VERY nice for gaming I'd have to say. And it doesn't have response time, as was mantioned previously, so why was I, or why does anybody rather, go for LCD? It seems like this IS THE TV? Can anyone give me any reason why not? For me, 37" is fine....so size isn't an issue.

Panasonic 37" Plasma HDTV

Model: TH-37PX60U

Enjoy crisp, clear picture quality on this 37" plasma TV featuring a Secure Digital slot, so you can easily view your favorite digital images on your TV.
Learn more about HDTV.
Built-In HDTV Tuner: Add HD-capable antenna to receive over-the-air high-definition broadcasts, where available. Optional set-top box required for high-definition cable or satellite programming.

HDMI input provides an uncompressed all-digital audio/video link for the highest-quality connection and supports copy-protected HD broadcast content

1024 x 720 pixel resolution; 3072 equivalent shades of gradation
More Options

Protect your investment with a Service Plan.
Do you have all the accessories you need?
Compare with products in this price range.
View printable version.

Product Features

16:9 widescreen aspect ratio with 4:3, zoom, full, just and H-fill aspect controls

Digital Cinema Reality for an accurate reproduction of film source material

MACH Band Effect Enhancer for a more natural edge correction

3D Color Management System process works in a 3D color matrix (hue, saturation and brightness) for vibrant colors and natural skin tones

Incredible contrast ratio (10000:1) for an arresting viewing experience
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Old 05-05-2006, 11:16 AM   #19
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Its hard to tell exactly what the specs mean because of different tests that the companies use (is my understanding.)(anyone here correct me if I'm wrong)
But yes, plasmas DO have a better contrast ratio than lcd. What that translates into is better blacks, shades of blacks, darker blacks etc.

Some people like lcd more because they have higher resolutions, no burn in whatsoever, longer life and a brighter, more eye catching picture.

Keep in mind that if you watch a plasma for like 5 hours every day it reaches its half life in like 10 years, so the longer life is no big deal.
Also, the higher resolution doesn't matter (unless if your using it as a pc monitor for games,is my understanding) either because movies and games don't display higher than what plasmas display anyway.
(note that plasma displays under 50" have a lesser resolution on them, but you wont notice the difference)

Are you sure you read that first link I sent you? It would have brought all this stuff up for you.
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Old 05-05-2006, 02:00 PM   #20
A couch and an HDTV to go please.

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Hey, you must have a job like mine that affords you a moment or two to post almost any time. Anyway, I did read it, but I skimmed...besides, sometimes I like to do my own research by looking specs and talking to others instead of simply going off of what one person says in one article, although I know that article was reliable and professionally written.

I am starting to like plasmas more because I won't be using an LCD for computer use and for me, the contrast is HUGE since I have seen games look really funky on LCD monitors, like when there is a lot of dark or shadows you get those patchy grey areas, etc.

I do like the Sceptre and Westinghouse LCDs since you get a lot of screen for your money and 1080P to boot, but if the 42" Panny (Panasonic - TH-42PX50U) drops down to the $1500 range I will snap that up in an instant. Let me know if anyone finds a good deal like that. Thanks.
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