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Panasonic new twist to 7 blinks

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What is HD?
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Default Panasonic new twist to 7 blinks

I have it then I don't.
I fixed this TH-42PZ77U once, replacing 16 FETs not under a heat sink. ONE was shorted. It worked for about 4 months with very little use - vacation home. Then went out again.
I found one bad FET and replaced that. It worked a few hours and died. After being unplugged for a while it came back to life. Then repeated its on again off again operation. If I turn it off/on a couple of times it will probably die with 7 blinks. It seems to try to come on with a burst of sound and a flash of picture, then off. It was off a couple hours ago. Right now it is working perfectly. I don't find any components getting unreasonably warm/hot.
I tried replacing the SC board with one from Ebay. Unfortunately, that one was bad to the point of smoking. So I replaced the old board and the symptoms are as they were.
All the troubleshooting I did points to the SC board, but it is intermittent.

Anyone had an issue like this?

Any ideas to tracking this down?
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If your TV comes on and stays on, one of the reasons for that is the screws which hold s the board need to be replaced. Any time we ordered that board from Panasonic, they sent us set of new screws. You may have something else with your TV, but I would replace those screws, jut to eliminate a possible problem there.
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