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Sony's Blinking (diagnostic) lights Codes.

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Default Sony's Blinking (diagnostic) lights Codes.


Those blinking (standby) lights are a service diagnostic code.

2X Blink - Main Power Error
A loss of REG12V from the power supply triggers this protect event.
The usual cause is a failure of the main switching supply. In some
instances, excessive loading on the secondary supply lines can
cause the switching regulator to stop, or fail again, if a replacement
board is installed.

3X Blink- DC Regulator/Audio Error
The Audio error can occur due on of the following error conditions.
●● Defective DC Regulator on Main Board
●● Defective Audio Amplifier (Main Board)
●● Loss of AU12V (Open F4200 on Main Board)
●● Loss of AU12V (Open Fuse on Power Supply Board)
In most cases, replacement of the main board will remedy a 3X error.

4X Blink – Balancer Error
The 4X error code is only used on models incorporating local
dimming LED backlighting. If a failure occurs on the LD board or one
of the LED’s fails in the panel the TV will shut down and display this
diagnostic code. Models using conventional non-local dimming LED
backlighting do not utilize this error code.

5X Blink - TCON Error
The 5X blink protection mode indicates a communications error
between the TCON Board and the X-Reality microprocessor on the
Main Board. If the TCON is available for replacement, replace the
TCON. If the TCON is not available, the LCD panel must be replaced
since the TCON circuit is part of the LCD panel assembly. In rare
cases a loose or defective LVDS cable could also be the cause.

6X Blink - Converter System Failure
If the converter circuit (located on the power supply or separate
converter board) fails to start or shuts down due to an over-voltage
or over-current condition, the TV will shut down and generate a 6X
error code. The diagnostic page labels this as a “Backlight Failure”
even though the backlights are not the source of the problem.
Replacement of the G5 Board (46”) or G7 Board (55”) should rectify
this problem
7X Blink – Temperature Error
If the temperature inside the television becomes excessive, the
temperature sensor (located on the Main Board) notifies the unit
to shut down and display a 7X error. Excessive temperature errors
will always occur when the unit has been running a while and can
be caused by excessive ambient heat or improper ventilation of the
If the television shuts down immediately, this can be caused by a
defective temperature sensing IC or failure of the communications
bus between the IC and the microprocessor. Replacement of the
main board is necessary.

10X Blink – IR Sync Transmitter Failure
A failure of the infrared sync transmitter circuits on the HEM2 board
will cause a 10X error and replacement of this board will usually
rectify the problem. In rare cases, the main board could be the
source of the failure.

This is from Sony's training guide it provides a svc man with probable malfunction causes and suggested resolutions.
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sony blinking codes

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