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10 blinking lights on Panasonic TH42PZ700U

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Old 11-07-2011, 01:37 PM   #1
My plasma is High Def.

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Default 10 blinking lights on Panasonic TH42PZ700U

from the Panasonic Blinking Power light of Death thread

my original post.
Originally Posted by majestik12 View Post
My TH-42PZ700U died the other night(Halloween 2011), got 10 blinking lights. Tried letting it sit over night unplugged, disconnected all the inputs (2 HDMI, component, and regular rca), tried different outlets. Same results. I bought it back in late 11/07. The service manual for 10 lights on this model suggest it is an issue with the DG board(but some other manuals suggest several boards). When I plug in power I am pretty sure I hear 2 consecutive clicks, maybe 1.

Anyways, I emailed their concierge service and they said it was out of warranty and to call a service center. So I called the Panasonic Customer Service today, told them the same things, and they said it was out of warranty. I then explained that the TH-42PZ700U and TH-42PZ77u have had extended warranties an additional 2-3 years because the power supplies were defective. He said, yes this is true, but the 10 blinking lights error code suggests it is another issue, and not the power supply and that a Panasonic certified service center would have to evaluate it first, but it is most likely a different issue, and will not be covered.

On the phone I suggested that couldn't the faulty power supply issue cause other components to fail, he said possibly that I will need to pay a technician to diagnose it first.

I will probabaly call the service center just to see what they say. But I am inclined to call Panasonic back and ask them to repair it free of charge.

Anyways, I want to open up the tv, and see if there is anything I can do first. If I remove the DG Board (HDMI and RF tuner) and turn on the tv, will the tv power on if it really is just that board?

I don't really have much experience with this stuff, I have solder some things in the past, but long ago and very basic. And I don't have anything to tests voltages, or even know what I would need(multimeter?). Nor do I really have a space or time to really work on it. Should I just get a technician to just evaluate the tv, and tell me what boards are shot? From everything I read it seems it even takes technicians several attempts and replacing different boards to fix a plasma. If it is just a board or 2 that need replacing I feel I could manage that on my own. I have the service and repair manuals.

any help or suggestions for my next step is greatly appreciated. Thanks

So, I ended up opening the tv last week and trying the 10 blinking light flowchart to find the defective board(s) from the very end of this manual. link below

www dot scribd dot com/doc/68238934/25/Reset-Procedure <-cant post urls

For LED blinks 10 times after pressing the power button (TH42PZ700U)

step 1 I believe was "yes"
when I plugged in the power the tv would click on, the SC LED SS LED would turn on, but then slowly dim to off after about 20/30 secs.

Step 2
If I remember correctly, I think the LED was solid, for a few seconds, then it would start blinking, I think I was a little confused at the time, and wasn't sure if this was yes or no. I did end up ordering a $10 PB board just in case, still waiting for this to arrive.

Step 3
I burrowed a multi meter from work, a Velleman DVM850BL Digital Multimeter. Here is an image of it.

www dot moneymachines dot com/multimeter.jpg

I couldn't find much info online for testing circuit boards, everything I read said that the board schematics should say where to ground the meter. I tried a bunch of different configurations, and I think I was able to read some volts with the positive red line was plugged into the 10ADC port and dial set to 20m on the right side. when testing TP3504 on the H board the meter flashed a bunch of different numbers very fast and it hit a max of 6+ volts for a like a milli second. I am not sure if the voltage is supposed to be under 5 volts or if I was even doing it right. All the other ways I tried the meter, it wouldn't read anything and was just around 0 or .1 or something. I was just grounding it on a metal part/frame of the tv. Anyways, I assumed this was yes and moved on.

Step4 (last page)
Set the meter the same as in step 3 and got a super quick reading of around max 11+ volts. So I guess "yes".

Step 5
read a max of 6+ volt again, so again "yes". I ordered a $99 DH board, that has a warranty and free return if I don't need it.

Just thought I would share in case anyways has any other ideas, or to tell me I did it wrong. I will keep this updated after I try those 2 boards once they arrive.
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Old 11-10-2011, 02:19 PM   #2
My plasma is High Def.

Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 5

ok, well I guess I will update.

Got my 2 parts/boards in the mail yesterday. PB board(fan control) and DG board(tuner and HDMI inputs). Anyways, neither of them fixed the issue Still got the 10 blinking lights.

However I did figure out the multi meter. I guess I was doing it wrong before.

using this meter

www dot moneymachines dot com/multimeter.jpg
replace the "dot" with "."

I put the positive red line in the VmA input on the right and set the dial to 20m on the left side. and grounded it on a metal part of the tv. I was then reading 5 volts for a few seconds on the noted locations in step3. and around 9 volts at the noted location in step 4 of the link.

However these steps are sort of worded vaguely.

"Unplug the TV and connect PB30. Disconnect H2 on the H board. Place your meter on TP3504 (*2)(SUB5V)on the H board(See fig.1). Plug in the TV and turn it on. Is there 5V present?"

"(*2) Expect this voltage to be present for a couple of seconds only."

When following the steps, disconnecting inputs on certain boards, and plugging in the tv, I would meter the 5v for a few seconds, but "turning on the tv" (pressing the power button) didnt seem to have any affect on the voltage. The voltage would just always disappear after a few seconds no matter if I pressed the power button or not, the 5v would appear a couple seconds after plugging the tv in, and then always fade off a few seconds later. so not sure if this step is "yes" or "no".

However, if I kept all the boards intact and all inputs connected, and meter the locations the 5v and 9v would stay constant, but if i pressed the power button, the voltage would slowly die. I think this was the case for both voltage locations, I know it did it with at least one. Anyways, I ordered a $30 H board, because that seems like the only other solution I could think of, according to this manual.

www dot scribd dot com/doc/68238934/25/Reset-Procedure

I'll update after trying the H board.
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Old 11-18-2011, 01:42 PM   #3
My plasma is High Def.

Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 5

update from post #1217 [ www dot .avsforum dot com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=21196456#post21196456 ]

So I replaced the H board, and still no change. Still have 10 blink error code after pressing the power button on my TH42PZ700U.

I did notice some new things though. When I plug in the power, I hear what I guess the relay click on, as usual. But if I let it sit there for about 30 secs, I then hear the relay click again, If I then press the power on button, I hear another click right when I press it. the power LED then stays on solid for about 3-4 times longer than usual, maybe somewhere around 7-8 seconds, the fans then start to spin up, for a couple secs, then it clicks again and starts blinking again. If I just plug in the power, and immediately hit the on button, all this same stuff happens but it happens much faster. Except there isn't those additional relay clicks either. It does this with all 3 of the new boards installed (PB, DG, and H), and with the original boards as well.

Right before I closed up the tv again, I noticed a post from kdh05 about the cap on MCx01 .
www dot avsforum dot com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1001318&page=38

There are about 7 boards on my P board that look somewhat like that image, but nothing that looks exactly like that, so I have no idea what cap/board would need to be replaced or if I could even do that, looks microscopic. I didn't see till later that people were mentioning MC301, till after I closed the tv, so not sure If I even have that one.

Just to be certain, I also did the test from pg. 75 from this manual
www dot scribd dot com/doc/68238934/25/Reset-Procedure
for the SC and SS board and they both turned up "NO", even though the first step from that page, with the DG board, leads me the other direction with "YES"

Anyways, I guess I am going to return the boards that I can for a refund, I wish I knew if the boards I bought were properly functioning or not, or if it really is a different problem. I suppose I will perhaps have a technician take a look at it. But I don't think it will be worth it to spend anymore money/time on this, beyond that. Unless someone knows an easy fix.

I know that Panasonic will possible repair this TV for free if it is a 7 blink code, because the P boards were faulty, even though my diagnosis doesn't point directly to my issue being with the P board, if a technician finds that it is the P board, will Panasonic still cover the repair? Even though it is a 10 blink code?

Thanks for any help.
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