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Flat-Panel TVs Plasma, LCD

Plasma vs LCD, Soap opera effect

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Old 09-24-2010, 12:08 PM   #16  
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The soap opera effect isnt a flaw. Its a choice. I love the soap opera effect. It loos so real. You feel you are actually there, you dont have that choppy look.
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Some people like the SOE, but most do not it seems with movies. Film has a certain look that the director intended and with the SOE that is gone. It is a choice, but with some LCDs running at 120/240Hz they do not have much choice depending on the model and the controls they give you to interpolate (for SOE) or NOT interpolate to remove the SOE.
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Originally Posted by PFC5 View Post
Not trying to offend you but you clearly are not very knowledgeable on the technical aspects of HDTVs. I think you have listened to these inadequately trained salesmen too much, but so do most people when they try to get info on HDTVs. If you really believe those million or more to 1 contrast ratio numbers in TV specs then I have some land to sell you with pet alligators that come with it.

Next when you are talking about motion it doesn't matter how fast the make the LCDs pixel response time (how long it takes for a pixel to change states - i.e. from green to blue, black to white, etc) repeated the same image or interpolated images more per second when the LCD panel itself is at best limited to 2ms pixel response time and is the LCD (Least Common Denominator) that limits how fast screen response speed can be, since this is a physical limit of LCD mfg right now. To put it in perspective, a plasma pixel response time is 0.001ms which is 2,000x faster. What you get with LCD with fast motion in gaming is a smearing of the scene and THAT is the limitation of the 2ms pixel response time.

Yes in certain instances (I have to try to find it by doing something I wouldn't do) to even see phosphor trails and cannot even see it with trying now as the plasma aged. To see it in COD4 I had to find a high contrast scene and spin back and forth as fast as I could just to see it , and now even when I try I cannot now that my plasma has aged.

Now on to the contrast ratios. If a current display can even get an actual contrast ratio of 6,000:1 it has one of the best available. LCDs are spec'd out by mfg in ways that could never be used with actual content and the PQ would look horrible in normal home lighting if you tried and you would likely burn your eyes out as well. Many/most LCDs measure blacks with an all black signal which turns the backlighting off but we do not watch black screens right? We may watch with a mostly black screen but with ANY light in the picture the backlight has to come on and then the black levels rise much more. So they take the black reading when the light is turned off that you could NEVER achieve with actual content on the screen.

To measure the white levels they turn it up so high that you could never see any shades/shadows of white so you would be crushing white and missing a lot of data on the material you are watching and is normal house lighting it would cause eye fatigue and likely hurt your eyes.

Even by doing all these things I highly doubt they could even find a way to measure contrast even at 1 million to 1 never mind 6 mil to 1, but regardless it could not possibly achieve anything close with real content on the screen. We have a sticky that discusses why you can mostly ignore contrast ratio specs now.

For your issues with your G20 I suggest you get a calibration disc and I think that would help a lot with your PQ issues.

There is a lot to learn with these HDTVs and we all started out with little knowledge and were fed a lot of misinformation and myths so you are not alone with believing much of it. Stick around and read many of the posts here and you will become a more informed consumer and will recognize the BS salesmen say in error.

Welcome to the forum!
...Why, oh why, oh why doest thou try.....

When all of the information these nitwits need to educate themselves is contained in the stickies at the top of this forum...from the fallacies of contrast ratio numbers, to the benefits and drawbacks of the technologies available, to why 24fps is what it is....Yet each time I see someone enter this forum spouting half truths and rumors they got from Uncle Ben or the ouija board many members rush to set them straight for the 1,000,000th time....
I realize the purpose of this forum is to educate and enlighten but do the enlightened members here feel this compelling need to pull some poor lost soul in from the dark abyss of ignorance each time they submit even one post...I say ignore them and if the have half a brain they will read the stickies and educate themselves to a high degree....if not then allow them to slip from the precipice.

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What is HD?

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I KNOW that contrast ratios aren't to be taken literally, I was merely listing it for the reference of the readers of my post.

Christ....let me check out the stickys, I just found this place via google....why so anal pappylap???? I think you need to calm down. No one is dying.
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Originally Posted by SurrealBeingX View Post
why so anal pappylap???? I think you need to calm down. No one is dying.
...Sorry mate' less about you and more about us Ol' timers making the same points and replies 15,000 times a week. The only information that has not been hashed out on this forum numerous times is the technology that hasn't come out yet. All other questions have been addressed countless times and 90% of them are contained in the stickies. if someone ask or post about 2 million to 1 contrast ratio for the 25000th time I say simply direct them to the sticky addressing it.

this is all the response they need...http://www.highdefforum.com/flat-pan...tio-specs.htmlNo need to type out all of the specs and data for the millionth time thats all, just direct you guys to the stickies and let the education begin....
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