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Panny 50s1 - few questions

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My plasma is High Def.
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Default Panny 50s1 - few questions

The Pansonic tcp50s1 is on sale at Sears and I'm tempted to buy it. But I've got a few questions.

Firstly, features aside, is the picture more or less identical to the G10? I've heard concerns about a green tint on the S1 that isn't there with the G10 -- is this something I should be concerned about? I'm on a budget, but I also don't want to buy a TV that's going to drive me up the walls because everything looks like it was shot with a green filter.

Is $900 a good price? I don't follow pricing for TVs very closely, but I know that, with new models around the corner and Superbowl sales coming up, there could see some great prices in a few weeks. Is this about as cheap as I'm going to get the S1 (or G10)?

Also, I would say around 60% or so, maybe more, of the things I watch have black bars of one kind or another. Movies shot in 1.33:1, 1.85:1 (which, without overscan, should produce small bars I believe), 2.35:1, etc. Should I be concerned about burn-in? Would an LCD be a stronger option for someone like me?

Finally, if I bought it I would have to drive it home, for around 2 hours, in cold weather -- probably in the bed of a pick-up. Would this be dangerous for the television? Would the cold weather have any kind of effect on it?

Thanks for the help!
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to Panny 50s1 - few questions
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