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Flat-Panel TVs Plasma, LCD

2:3 (sometimes called 3:2) pulldown simply explained in layman's terms

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Old 11-03-2010, 03:26 PM   #31  
A couch and an HDTV to go please.

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Originally Posted by JohnJSal View Post
Great explanation, but as for the above, why would 48hz produce flicker? Isn't all that matters that it is evenly divisible by 24? Isn't that the reason why 96hz produces no flicker?
Because you watch 60 TV Hz everyday.
When I went to Europe I've noticed that all TVs flicker.
After a year of watching 50Hz the flicker had gone.

Mathew Orman
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What is HD?

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This is great; now I understand the principles.

Couple of questions...

- Can someone please clarify what are the choices here in terms of features or modes (for refresh or pulldown) that differ among models? I'm choosing which 42 plasma to buy (already decided that 42 plasma is best for my needs). Is there something I should be looking for in a TV's feature list or tech specs?

- How is it possible that some Panasonic plasma models have 24p playback 2:3 and some don't? (This is verbatim from the Panasonic website.)

In other words, if only some models have this, then how do the models that *don't* have it show 24 fps sources? If I'm more particular than most people about image quality, do I need this feature?


'Needs assessment' below...

-Usage: 70% dvds, 15% Netflix, 15% TV. no games, no sports. Again... fairly particular about image quality (color, motion, and all aspects thereof)

- Will eventually get Blu-ray player

- 3-D not necessary

- Almost all night-time viewing

- Budget $500 - $800

- no need for especially wide viewing angles
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